I was taking a stroll along the beach of Lake Coeur d’Alene yesterday and saw this row of beached sail boats, or maybe they are small catamarans.  In stark contrast to the busy beach early this summer, the beach was fairly empty yesterday.   There were just a few people out walking their dogs, which I thought a bit ironic what with the signs posted saying no dogs allowed and the dogs out numbering the people!

As you can see, there was lots of fall color.  You know what that means?  More fall leaves to be posted!  Yes!  I’ll try to interject other photos in between so you don’t feel like slitting your throats from boredom.



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9 responses to “Beached

  1. Monika

    Hi Toni,
    yep, what a different view from June, but it still looks beautiful.(Fall reminds me too much of winter and snow and cold and brrrrrrrrrrrrr).
    How is Erik and how was the food?

  2. Hey Monika,
    I don’t think we walked down this far that day, but the beach was definitely different. Erik is good and so was the food – pizza at Capones, a local sports bar so Erik could watch his football games. Conversation happened between downs. 🙄

  3. Elizabeth

    I’m glad you had a good visit with your son!

    I say, fall colors forever! Tee-hee.

    Maybe some letters fell off the sign and it actually said: “Note: dogs allowed”. 🙂

  4. Wow a beautiful fall landscape that even includes sailboats! That is a rarity!

  5. Lovely colors and composition. Really nice autumnal landscape….feels like the true end to summer.

  6. I love the beech in the fall. It always seems so serene.

  7. Wow, I love this shot Toni! Great scenery!

  8. This looks a lovely calm place to sail. Love the way the sun light is highlighting the trees in autumn bloom