A boy and his bike…

…Out for a ride on a warm autumn day.  Just to the left out of the frame were his parents on their bikes for a nice family outing.  The weather was beautiful in Coeur d’Alene the other day.  I was walking around in my shirt sleeves while everyone else was all bundled up.  You’d think it was winter by the way they were dressed!



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6 responses to “A boy and his bike…

  1. It is 33 degrees here in Atlanta right now. What happened to fall? How did we get to winter so fast?

    Oh, and the photo………Awesome colors!

  2. Amazing colors! Looks like it was a nice day.

  3. Elizabeth

    I love all the different color leaves in the one shot!

  4. BoB

    It must be a nice day, great colours.

  5. This looks like a nice park. I can’t believe how vibrant the leaves are. I think our drought affects the colours of our autumn as the colours don’t seem as vibrant.

    I like the boy in the photo he add a nice point of interest.

  6. Nice image. I love the colours.