Sailor take warning

I stepped out onto my deck yesterday morning, intending to play catch with my boys (Buddy and Buster, my pooches), and got caught up in the morning sunrise.  I immediately thought about a photography challenge – click here – to capture a “Silhouette / Shadow”.  I turned around and went back inside for my camera and snapped a few frames – I would have done that without the challenge, but it was extra incentive.  I rather like this one, with the home and trees in silhouette.  And, yes, the boys and I played catch.

Note to Mom:  I hope this makes you happy.  No leaves.  See?  I do mind.  Okay, I guess there are leaves, but they aren’t macro shots like I’ve been posting.



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13 responses to “Sailor take warning

  1. Wow love the intense colors of the sky in this shot! Great job capturing it.

  2. Nothing could improve this fantastic capture. It’s stunning.

  3. amazing sunrise. I wanted this type of sky for the wedding I shot.

    It’s a glorious photo, Challenges are good in that way as the make you take a photo of something that you may not have bothered about and the results speak for themselves. You never lose anything by joining in and playing along.

  4. Thanks, Andy and Rachel!
    Liss, it was because of your post that I took part! Thanks! Have fun on your days away.

  5. Wow you got energy, playing catch at dawn!!! This scene is worth getting up for though 🙂

  6. Elizabeth

    GORGEOUS !!!!!

  7. oh this is beautiful! i love the light on over the house and the sky shot with blue! wow! it must have felt very good to see this as well as capture it.

  8. BoB

    I love the colours of the sky, wonderul sunset.

  9. What a gorgeous image!

    Thank you for coming by and leaving such a sweet message on my blog. I will be back again and again to see your beautiful photography.

    Nice to meet you 🙂

  10. Wow, this is truly wonderful!!! I love the deep colours and the textures of the clouds. Brilliant. Thank you so much for participating in the challenge!!!!

  11. This is absolutely beautiful. I love the how the colors compliment each other so nicely that they almost blend.