Aspen, the tree, not the city


I have an Aspen tree in one corner of my backyard.  I planted it several years ago as a bareroot tree, along with a catalpa and some flowering trees.  I got them in November of that year and the ground was frozen, it was pitch black outside, and they needed to be planted. 

Out I went with a shovel, but the ground was so hard, I couldn’t get the trees in very deep, so they were kind of planted at an angle in two short little rows.  There they sat, growing at an angle because I never got them replanted.  But you know what?  Trees are smart and they straightened themselves out. 

Most of the trees died over the years, but for the aspen, the catalpa and one of the flowering trees.  My goal this month is to replant the catalpa and the flowering tree and leave the aspen – thankfully the ground isn’t frozen yet.  I love the sound it makes when the wind blows through the aspen and I can hear it from my family room when the patio door is open.  Another aspen photo tomorrow.

This is another installment of November in black and white – a challenge at Springtree Road to post November photos in…black and white – click here for more info.



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11 responses to “Aspen, the tree, not the city

  1. i love it. so silvery. a very autumn photo.

  2. Very artsy perspective here! Awesome :o)

  3. Beautiful angle. Actually I also have something in store to show in a day or two showing the trees and giving the Autumn feeling. It’s certain that the season is here now and it’s time to show it! Anyway, excellent shot with the foreground and background DOF!

  4. Great angle and perspective of the tree. JUst the right amount of DOF to see alot of the tree but focus on the texture of the bark. And it gives of a feeling that it is autumn. 🙂

  5. Elizabeth

    I like this in b&w

  6. Toni, I have to agree with everyone else the composure on this shot is really neat. I like how the truck of the tree dominates the picture.

  7. BoB

    Amazing dof, I feel a melancholy mood.

  8. hello toni! i’m here for quick visit. i decided to join rachel (my daughter the librarian) at work today for her 8 hour shift so i could have a little on-line time to visit everyone without the pressure of connection issues.
    thank you so much for coming to see me these past days even though we are new to each other’s blogs. it is generous of you to do that.
    i am wishing i could participate in this challenge! i adore this viewpoint! what a perfect subject for the B&W. i would not have tried a tree in B&W but now i will… i have an image of a huge tree from a few weeks ago that i wanted to so badly capture that i nearly broke my neck looking up… it was pouring rain and the ground was sopping so i had to do this kind of back bending thingy. i’ll be looking forward to visiting you regularly once i return from chicago!

  9. ELK

    one of the best views of a tree ~ shows such texture with no leaves visible…I think the trunk/branches are so beautiful on their own

  10. Awesome shot! I love the depth of field on this and of course the play shade and light. One of my favs! John