Neighborhood scratching post


Yep, that would be my aspen tree.  Yesterday you saw the nice smooth upper part of the tree.  Today you see that lower part of the tree that the neighborhood cats have used as a scratching post.  Now I love cats, but I’d rather they didn’t use my tree to sharpen their claws.  It does make for some interesting bark, however.

Another installment of November in black and white – a challenge at Springtree Road to post November photos in…black and white – click here for more info.



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14 responses to “Neighborhood scratching post

  1. Love the angle of the shot.

  2. The damage becomes so apparent in your photo. Stunning capture.

  3. Perfect choice of mono here, the detail is fantastic.

    My two feline fellas have three scratchposts in the house to take out their collective aggression, but still favour attacking the trees in our garden! Ha ha Little devils

  4. Love the texture. Perfectly simple!!!!

  5. gorgeous, as always. i’m envying you that gorgeous tree!

  6. ELK

    like the angle ~ i wish the cats would not choose that to do…can you keep them away?

  7. Thanks, everyone!
    ELK – the backyard is fenced, but there are enough gaps in the corners that the cats can get in if they want. It is better now that I have my two dogs – Buddy likes to chase the cats so they do tend to stay away.

  8. It’s too bad that the cats are doing that to the tree, but it does make for a very texture-rich image! It’s beautiful!

  9. love the texture -it’s so rich-nice contrasting background too!

  10. Elizabeth

    I do like the texture! My neighbor’s cat scratches his claws on the tree by his house whenever Atlas is outside eyeing him. 🙂

  11. Another good shot of your Aspen tree. Well just think, every injury and mark on the tree would be a reminder of times gone by.

  12. Excellent use of far DOF and the clear subject is superb. Great BW processing.

  13. BoB

    beautiful composition, I love the tilt you applied here

  14. Wood looks so good in black and white. Gosh the cat did some damage!