Ignore the dust, please


I have stacks of books around the house.  This particular stack of books has been read and needs to be put away, however there is no room at the inn.  My shelves are overflowing.  My cup(board) runneth over.  You get the idea.  The other two stacks are books that need to be read.  They range in genre from suspense novels, to humor, to dog training.  We get two weeks off from work at Christmas, so hopefully I can transfer some from the unread stack to this one pictured here.

This image is part of November in black and white, although I did give this one a slight sepia tone. To read more about the challenge click here for more info.



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6 responses to “Ignore the dust, please

  1. Hey, that’s what my stack of books looks like! Well, less the James Patterson… maybe I’m missing out on something and need to check out a few of his titles. Great picture!

  2. Planet M Files

    Great shot. I love the angle of the books.

  3. Hey thats cool! Who knew books could look so interesting 😉 Makes me want to read ha – almost

  4. Kym

    Once a small child came into my house, stared around wide-eyed and asked, “Do you live in a Library?” I would guess your walls are like mine half hidden by bookshelves.

  5. D

    Is it a bad thing that I first looked over the titles and then admired the photo itself? I like your taste in reading material.