Fall color in black and white


This is one of the few bits of remaining color surrounding my yard.   It just doesn’t quite look the same in black and white.  For some things I think you really do need color.  The leaves are a beautiful shade of light red, which is lost in this image. 

I really have been enjoying shooting images in black and white, though, and will probably keep it up (interspersed with some color) after the November in Black and White challenge is over.  Ordinary things do become extrordinary.  Old becomes new.  Uninteresting becomes interesting.  For info about November in black and white and more wonderful images – click here.



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13 responses to “Fall color in black and white

  1. This is fabulous in mono, and has that certain something, almost a fairy tale quality to the composition and lighting. Utterly wonderful

  2. Stunning capture Toni. I’m guessing the flowers were yellow.

  3. I am so partial to color…..I rarely shoot b&w….although when I used a 35mm, I shot in b&w A LOT?!?! Tastes change eh?!

  4. i love this photo, toni, but i agree that you can’t beat color in some situations. i’m thinking maybe i should make this an annual event of some sort. 🙂 it’s been really fun – hard to believe it’s half over!

  5. Something very special about seeing color thru the b&w. Excellent!!!

  6. Jen

    Ohhh, I love seeing the mixed definition in this one 🙂

  7. It’s amazing how we can capture the best shots from places that are only a few feet away from us, rather than go some different location and use energy. Such great tones in the BW image here!

  8. The black and white autumn image is fascinating. Great lighting, DOF and contrasts. Really an outstanding shot.

  9. Elizabeth

    when it’s fall, I am hard-pressed to use b&w. I am weak. 😉

    great depth here, and I would be curious to see what it looks like in color too

  10. Good close up shot! With just B/W the mood looks so cold like the leaves and flowers have been frozen. This is the first time I have noticed the rule of third used in a close-up shot (it’s usually frame filling) and love the shot.

  11. BoB

    Great choice of b&w and amazing tone, and dof

  12. Thanks, everyone! You’ve changed my mind about fall color in b&w!! 🙂

  13. Wow I really like this. Its a different take on Fall that you dont see very often!!