I can’t remember…


…what this vine is called.  It is a variegated vine that I have in my planters.  Most of the vines are still alive – I have five planters and I think only one of the vines has failed to make it thus far.  Anybody know what it is?

[Update!]  One of the vines had the little tab thingie in it that says it is a Vinca Vine! Yay!

Another installment of November in black and white – a challenge by Maya at Springtree Road to post November photos in…black and white – click here for more info and more beautiful black and white photos.



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15 responses to “I can’t remember…

  1. Oh thats cool – nice shading – 😉 John

  2. Very nice lighting here! =D

  3. Exquisite lighting here again, such delicate details brought to the fore. The vein paterns are amazing. A superb composition and so suited to mono.

    Thanks for the update on Vinca Vine… ha ha. A lovely photograph

  4. I think viewing an image in B&W helps you focus on the detail….sometimes color is distracting

  5. Kym

    This is my favorite so far in black and white. The lines are very crisp.

    My vincas have blue flowers. Do yours?

  6. Elizabeth

    I love the leaf pattern

  7. Impressive image, perfect lighting and exposure. Love the BW processing and great selective focus.

  8. Thanks, everyone! I appreciate the kind words. 🙂
    Kym – my vinca ground cover plants have the blue flowers. The vinca vines that I have in the planters didn’t have any flowers – just a difference in variety I guess. I love the little blue flowers, though.

  9. I wouldn’t have picked what is was called but defiantly a lovely vine.
    Oh have to say I really love the lighting in this shot 🙂

    I should be back online properly in 2 days, but I just can’t help myself and need a blog fix really bad!!
    I am feeling more relaxed already after looking at your blog, the photo drugs are starting to take effect on me 🙂

  10. Am loving the b&w. So simple..and yet so dramatic.

  11. When all else fails read the tag:-) Stunning photo.

  12. dianeschuller

    lovely close up of your vinca vine. found my way from Springtree Rd.
    I only have one today: http://www.flickr.com/photos/27458974@N00/3042197619/

    the others are at my blog. Pleased to have found you.