It was a dark and stormy night


Okay, so it isn’t a dark and stormy night, but a light and foggy day – I’ve always wanted to use that line, so I’m using it here.  Of course, if I ever do get an image of a dark and stormy night I won’t be able to use that for a title.  Oh well, I’ll just live dangerously.

So what is wrong with this picture?  Is it the framing?  Maybe.  I’m not sure I like the way I framed it, but really it is the trees themselves.  The perfectly manicured trees.  These are a grouping of trees and shrubs at work and earlier this fall we had a company come in to trim out the dead stuff.  I just realized when I was looking at the images that I took, that they cut the tops off of the spruce trees.  The tops are rounded and it just looks so wrong!  I seriously thought about Photoshopping some new tops on them.

Maya at Springtree Road has issued a challenge to post November photos in black and white – click here for more info and more fabulous photos.



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14 responses to “It was a dark and stormy night

  1. very well framed! cool shot!

  2. Love the mood in this image. Nice composition..and b&w processing.

  3. dianeschuller

    Actually I really like this photo and how the trees get progressively lighter/softer as they move into the distance. Nicely done.

  4. ELK

    even with the “haircut” the photo is inspiring!

  5. Elizabeth

    I actually like the haircut on the first tree, not sure about it on the rest though.

  6. Okay I have to say this – if your thinking about photoshopping new tops on the trees its time to put down the photoshop for a while 😉 I understand Photoshop is cool but its not necessary – and I am not a big photoshop person and I understand its obvious advantages but – This is a great photo – The frame, mood and texture is awesome. Life as you whitnessed and shot it – trees without tops and all – its well done haha – ok dont add tops 🙂 seriously though I really like this photo the mood of the photo puts me right there in that feild looking at the topless trees through the fog. – John

  7. Don’t worry, John, I’m not going to Photoshop tops on the trees. 🙂 That was mostly tongue in cheek. It was kind of strange looking around the trees in the yard – some were topped, some were nice and pointy like they should be. Then I looked in a catalog today that had photos of spruce trees – they had rounded tops, too!

  8. Great picture….reminds me of the Scottish Highlands and the thick soupy mist that seems to hang around all day.

  9. Ha ha…. you know, I bought that Photoshop add on for splicing in spruce tree tops and it sucks! Worst $30 bucks I’ve ever spent!

    I love this image, atmospheric, moody and really beautifully mysterious. The trees fan out from neat and rounded to wispy and wild, as individual as a gathering of people.

    Superbly observed

  10. Regardless of what title you choose, I still like this image! I love the misty of the fog, very emotional shot!

  11. Once you lob their heads off they never grow the same again. I do like my tress with pointed tops too. The rounded tops do not take away any beauty this phot has. Really lovely and I can’t image it as a colour image either. Just perfect.

  12. BoB

    beautiful mystic shot

  13. Thanks everyone for the kind words – I appreciate it!

  14. It seems almost otherworldly! I really like it!