The moon and the stars


The moon is obvious; you’re going to have to look for the stars in this photo – they are there! 

Last weekend I went around the backyard taking photos of bedding plants and trees, this past weekend I went around the inside of my home, as well as the front yard, looking for something interesting to shoot.  That’s why we had the stack of books a couple of days ago, dust and all.  Life as I witnessed and shot it – right, John?  (I’m going to remember that one.)  I like these decorative bottles – their shapes are interesting and filled with colorful things.  Unlike the books, I did manage to dust these bottles first before I shot them.

Another photo for Maya’s challenge at Springtree Road to post November photos in black and white – click here for more info and more fabulous photos.



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5 responses to “The moon and the stars

  1. I think I may be sad when you go back to color shots.

  2. ELK

    toni the shapes and the shine ~fascinating

  3. This is great because it gives you the idea that you don’t have to go out and shoot photos where the ultimate beauty of photography can be found in your home. NICE! =D

  4. Wow great idea for a photo. At first I could not find the stars but after staring at the photo for awhile I finally did!

  5. What interesting bottles they make a wonderful display.