Frosty, too


Here’s another frosty leaf option for my Christmas cards.   I think I like this one better than yesterday’s version, although it was frostier.  So whaddaya think?

Another photo for Maya’s challenge at Springtree Road to post November photos in black and white – click here for more info and more wonderful photos.  Maya is in the middle of a move right now, but if you click on the comments of her most recent post, you’ll see links to other photos – just copy and paste the link.



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9 responses to “Frosty, too

  1. Great minds……I was inspired by the frost today too!

  2. I’ve just viewed the first one & I agree. This one is the best composition. In fact it’s quite elegant & would make a fine Christmas greeting:-)

  3. Thanks, Rachael! Yesterday’s image started out looking a bit different than it ended up. I took it at a funky angle, arms outstretched and on my tiptoes. I kept rotating and cropping it in PS and I lost some of the good parts of the image. I do like this one better, even if it isn’t as frosty as yesterday’s.

  4. Elizabeth

    I think I like yesterday’s better for a card! Heh .. don’t you love how everyone has a completely different opinion on things. 😉

  5. E – Yeah, I was kinda hoping to narrow it down, but now I’m even more confused!! 🙄 Thanks a lot!!

  6. Both are really beautiful, I’d be happy with either…. or both ha ha

  7. You’re not helping either, Paul. 🙂

  8. BoB

    great to see the rime on leaf, beautiful dof

  9. Love this one! Just enough frost to make the image sparkle!!!!