Color is back!


It feels like color has been gone forever, but it wasn’t even a full month of black and white for me.  I had some color early in the month of November, but once the elections were over it was strictly black and white.  Or with a green tint.  Or sepia.  But definitely shot in monochrome.  

I really enjoyed November in black and white and am glad that I switched the setting over to monochrome for (most of) the month.  I learned a lot about my camera, but I still have lots more to learn. 

During the month I posted a fall foliage photo – click here to see it – and was whining about it not looking the same in black and white as it would have in color.  Elizabeth was curious to see a color version of the same shot, so I went out and retook the photo in color and, while it isn’t quite the same shot, I am in love with the color version.  I have been impatiently waiting for the month to end so I could post the image.  I couldn’t quite get the camera to focus on the spot that I wanted, but it is still interesting.  Yesterday I finally figured out how to shoot in manual mode.  Such an easy thing…I feel so silly.



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12 responses to “Color is back!

  1. ELK

    well hello Toni in color…I have only been following you since the black/white month
    this really pops in color too!

  2. It almost looks like it is coated in sugar. Cool.

  3. Redish! Very nice use of DOF and details here.

  4. Wow Color is back with a bang! The red tones are amazing.

  5. Elizabeth

    OH – I just KNEW I would love it in color! 🙂

  6. Hooray for color…..I just LOVE it

  7. Really really nice! Looks like you don’t have much difficulty getting back into colour mode 😛

    Is that a touch of frost on the edges of the leaves?

  8. BoB

    lovely colors, another great close-up

  9. This is absolutely spectacular. Gorgeous tones and detail. A really beautiful photograph

    I cut my teeth on Black & white photograph way back in the dark ages, and it’s always been my personal preference because I think it has the ability to make us open our eyes and really look closely at an image, the detail becoming available to open and receptive eyes.

    I love swapping betwen the two, and there are naturally times when one is definitely the favoured option. Experimentation is such a wonderful facet to the enjoyment of photography. ‘Fun’ being the most important in my humble opinion.

    I always enjoy visiting here, your creativity and that important essence of fun always shine through in your photographs and word. A fan, I am

  10. Howard – yeah, it was pretty easy switching back to color, but I’ve still got a few b&w to post. Yes, that is a touch of frost on the edges – isn’t it cool?
    BoB – thanks!!
    Paul – Aww, thanks! I’m quite the fan of you, too. I agree, b&w definitely gives an image a completely different look – you see the capture in a whole new way and that has been really fun to see this past month. I’ll probably be taking an image in both color and b&w just to see the difference in the same image – I think shooting in monochrome is different than desaturating a color image. Thanks! 🙂

  11. It looks like nature has provided backlighting for this one. Fantastic shot.