And you thought I was done with these!


Not!  I have at least one more that I’ve been saving through the month of November.  I noticed a tree at the office last night on the way home that had finally dropped most of it’s leaves.  Today I shall take a photo or two.  Then there will be more.



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13 responses to “And you thought I was done with these!

  1. It feel so warm looking at these colors!

  2. You can never have too many leaf photos :0)

  3. ELK

    stunning color
    never too many ~here in the south we are still in fall mode!

  4. Fantastic colors of fall!

  5. As the photo uploaded, It reminded me of leather hide being hung and dried or bats hanging upside down from a rafter…

    A gorgeous photograph, so beautiful the lighting and delicate patterning that you’ve captured. Superb, as always

  6. Thanks, everyone! And thank you, Paul! 🙂

  7. Kym

    Toni, that is gorgeous! Now I have to go try and get something like it. I love your perspective. It is so unusual.

  8. Kym – just reach up with your camera as far as your arms will go and stand on your tiptoes! 😉

  9. Elizabeth

    it does remind me of a bat!

    more, more , more! 😉

  10. The afternoon light shining on these leaves is so pretty.

  11. BoB

    what a superwarm colours, a masterpiece

  12. great light behind those stunning autumn colors. i love the blurred background. congrats