Heritage Museum


This is one of the few cool buildings in my town.  I know that sounds harsh, but you haven’t seen my town.  Most of the homes are newer, uninteresting, ranch houses or small older cottages without a lot of character built probably in 1901 when the majority of the settlers arrived here – settlers who were single men and didn’t need nor could they afford a big, interesting home at the time.  The older buildings downtown are architecturally uninteresting as well, although several have some added interest with some fantastic murals that have been painted on them or some interesting facades that have been added within the last ten years or so.  That said, this is a very nice small town, with great people, and a great school system.  And no single men.  Dang it.

About the church building, from the city’s website:

This historical structure has been the site of numerous churches of different denominations over the last century. The local historical society purchased the building to save it from being destroyed, and later sold it to the city for use as a museum. The structure [has been] renovated to restore it to its original architecture.

Heritage Museum is situated in a beautiful setting of old trees, grass and rock walls. It features a large meeting area, kitchen, and public restrooms, and will be ADA-accessible…



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15 responses to “Heritage Museum

  1. Toni, that is great. My only thought is could you delete the wires in front of the church? You are right, it is a beautiful building. This would make the shot “more perfect”. Just my 2 cents if you don’t mind.

  2. I probably could, Christopher, but I’m too lazy!! 😀

  3. Wow Toni that is a cool building! I love the design of the steeple its so open. Great processing on this as well.

  4. I like the sepia processing…it seems to really fit the historic image of the building.

  5. OK, I laughed at your comment. That is perfect!

  6. ELK


  7. I love old buildings. There aren’t many around my area either. The processing give the photo a great heritage feels.

  8. I normally do not like Sepia but this is cool and if there was a good reason to use Sepia this would be it 🙂 Makes me want to play with Sepia again and revisit. Hey I noticed you changed your av pic to a camera – pretty cool. Happy Thursday – John

  9. Hey John, yes I decided to do away with my little South Park avatar. I created it for a different site and blog, which I don’t really do anything with anymore, and it carried over to here. Thought it was time to update it. 🙂
    Thanks everyone!!

  10. It somehow has an H.H. Richardson feel to it..in a much scaled down and smaller version. Really pretty building..and I love how you’ve framed and captured it. Nice warm tone processing.

  11. Elizabeth

    what a gorgeous building. I love how you photographed it.

  12. No single men, hmm! Ha ha

    A wonderful,timeless photograph enhanced perfectly by the sepia toning. The framing by trees and feeling of a touch of soft focus all combine to make a superb image

  13. Thanks Marcie and Elizabeth!!
    Paul – you laugh, but I’m serious! It is a problem! Big, big problem!! 😛 Thanks. 🙂

  14. you got yourself a fantastic perspective on this photo! i love how i can see both sets of windows, front and side. and that edge blur pulled me right on in to the center of the photo.

  15. Kym

    That is a beautiful building! and the lines of the photo are so crisp. I love the angle you took it at.