A little batty


This is the final autumn leaves photo you’ll have to endure from me until next year.  Paul, aka FLOOG (click here for his photo blog), on my previous macro leaf posting said the leaves looked like leather drying or bats hanging upside down.  It does look a little batty.  My dogs are driving me a little batty right now. I just got done feeding them and I try to keep Buster quiet for at least a half an hour afterwards.  Kind of like swimming.  If he gets rambunctious or exercises, he pukes.  Well, the boys just got done running laps around the house.   Not one or two laps, but a bunch of laps.  We’ll see if his food stays where it is supposed to.



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8 responses to “A little batty

  1. Stunning photograph & I see it’s snowing. How did you do that?

  2. ELK

    i never tire of leaves….except the raking ha

    how do you make it snow Toni ? powerful!

  3. Do you like the snow? I wasn’t sure about it, but thought it would be fun. It’s a WordPress thing. Just a check mark on a setting and it immediately started snowing. It will quit automatically on Jan. 4 unless I uncheck it sooner.

  4. The snow is just AWESOME! That is very very cool (not cold, just cool). Oh, and I like the photo too. I shall miss fall.

  5. Elizabeth

    it’s snowing!!! Oh, that is awesome. I may have to find that checkmark myself, at least for one day.

    did Buster’s food stay down? I’ve started walking Atlas before he eats, because then he’ll relax on the bed afterwards. Weims are prone to bloat so that’s always in the back of my mind .. and he knows that walks and meals go together so if he hasn’t had one, he will make sure I know that I’ve forgotten something until I “remember”.

  6. I’m gonna miss fall, too, Christopher. 🙂
    Elizabeth – yes, Buster’s food did stay down. Although when we played catch late this afternoon, the water he drank afterwards didn’t. He always picks the carpet, instead of the vinyl flooring in the kitchen, too. Dang it. 😉 Your Atlas sounds pretty smart. 🙂

  7. With our first snowfall today..I’d say autumn has ‘officially’ come to an end. Gorgeous colors in this one!

  8. redpaperclip

    Great capture!!