Do you see what I see?


I’m just cleaning out some of the older photos that have been waiting to be used.  I posted some of these flowers earlier, I think in September.  This is an apricot blush mum.  They look like daisies, which is why I like them.  There is something hiding in the image that I didn’t see right away.  Do you see what I see?



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15 responses to “Do you see what I see?

  1. Is it the bug in the lower left hand corner flower? Colors are wonderful. Love how you’ve managed to create snow falling around them.

  2. Hey its snowing!! Its snowing outside here today for the first time this year. Love the colors in this image!

  3. How in the world did you manage to create snow fall? That’s so cool. And a beautiful image, an awesome post

  4. yes, I guess it’s the bug or spider that you mean… am I right? 😉

  5. Mom

    Toni; Not for sure what you see. I’m like Marcie I see something in the bottom flower on the left side. But I see a long horn steer (just the face) by really staring at it. LOVE THE SNOW!

  6. ELk

    lounging on
    the left

  7. Okay, I guess that creepy spider wasn’t so hard to spot after all! 😀

  8. This is beautiful. I could never envision doing something like this, great creativity, gives it a nice holiday feel. Lovely flower capture too!

  9. For those asking, the snow is a WordPress thing. Just a check mark on a setting and it appears through January 4th. It’s nothing I did. 🙂

  10. Who knew pink could be so awesome. Ok so if it’s not really pink I have an out card – I am a guy so we are color blind. But seriously very nice color in this shot. Nice job – makes me want to go out and shoot flowers.

  11. Kym

    What a nice reminder of summer and it does make a lovely contrast, Toni, with the snowfall.

  12. Elizabeth

    I thought it was a bee! I love spiders. 🙂

    Gorgeous flowers. If ever I have a garden, I will plant those for sure.

  13. Gorgeous flowers !
    And it is snowing in your blog?!

  14. I don’t think I would have been able to see it without some help from my fellow bloggers.

    But I love the thought that Spring is not far away (ok, maybe it is a little far away).

  15. Fantastic photo. Pink is my favorite:-)