Let it snow…


…for real.  Not this cool, fake WordPress snow.  Although it is pretty cool, especially with my little snowman.  I think I now have my Christmas card photo.  Unless I decide to go with the frosty leaves.  Today I shall have both of them printed and then I will start assembling the cards.  Maybe I’ll base the photo selection on who actually gets the card.  Now there’s a thought!  Mom – you’ll just have to wait and see which one arrives in the mail.

I actually had to get down on the ground for this one and hold the camera and my breath.  It was a fairly long exposure, too, since it was at night.  I just hope the neighbors weren’t watching.  I’m sure watching me get back up was hilarious.



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11 responses to “Let it snow…

  1. It looks magical with the wordpress snow! Great shot!

  2. Yep, this is a perfect shot for a Christmas card, a wonderful perspective and the snow adding that little extra ingredient to make it special on the screen. Love your accompanying text, which made me chuckle.


  3. beautiful! i love it with the snow.

    wish it would snow for Christmas here.

    but it won’t.

  4. Wonderful shot. I think this would make a great Christmas Card!

  5. Hey this is interesting – I like the angle. I agree with Andy would make a nice card cover.

  6. Elizabeth

    I think this is my favorite of the potential Christmas card shots. 🙂 Love it!

  7. Ok give me your address!! I am coming over in the middle of the night to take frosty home with me!! He is so cute and the way you have photographed him gives him so much character. I love the out of focus lights in the background it is the perfect finnishing touch to the shot.

  8. hi toni, i’m visiting here from robin bird’s blog, and just wanted to say i absolutely love this photo!

  9. I love the lights in the background of this. Such rich colors too.