Blue Christmas


Taken on a busy Saturday night in my small home town.  Yep, the streets were alive with activity!  It was elbow to elbow on the sidewalks and people jostled for position.  Position for what, I don’t know.  The line at the movie theater wrapped around the block.  Twice!  The cars circled the block looking for a place to park, and in the process practically mowing down the pedestrians crossing the street.  The shops were enticing customers with hot apple cider and sales.  And sing-a-longs!

I definitely do not have the hang of night photography.  The image isn’t very good, but I kind of like it anyway.  I was hoping to get some decent shots of our town’s new Christmas decorations.  They finally retired the old ones, which were over 25 years old (or maybe even older) and looking pretty sad.  I do like the new snowflakes.  During the twenty minutes that I was out trying to get some shots I think there were maybe four or five cars that drove by.  Plus one pedestrian!!  Yep, that really is life in a small town.



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13 responses to “Blue Christmas

  1. Mom

    Hi Toni: I didn’t know they was BIG enough for a movie theater!! Love the picture. Mom

  2. I actually like that there are no people around. It is so peaceful and quiet. Love the blue/purple color cast and toning. Really nice!!!

  3. Toni, I don’t know why you don’t think this is very good. I like it a lot. I agree that night photography is hard (very hard), but one a fun thing to do. Plus I get to see the snow falling as I look at the shot.

  4. hey i like it! it definitely gives a nice winter feeling, since you still got the snow falling on your site hehe. the place actually looks very very peaceful. Great shot! Keep shooting!

  5. Thanks everyone.
    Christopher – I tend to compare my work with the work of others, such as Liang’s night images, which are fantastic, and John Maslowski’s. Mine pale in comparison. I haven’t figured out the settings yet, but I’ll keep at it. Thanks!

  6. ELK

    peaceful and calm in your town that is good

  7. Kym

    Toni, this is beautiful. I want to learn how. My night photos are all blurry or have great staring white people gasping like fish on land in the glare of my light. The blueish hint adds the right touch of cold and silence to the image.

  8. Wow the streets are so empty. I like the blue processing it gives the image a cold, winter feeling.

  9. Elizabeth

    I like it. I like the blue color, and I like how the street lights look like giant snowflakes that disappear over the hill. 🙂

    If I posted a night shot, you would feel better about yours. Trust me. 😉

  10. BoB

    Original blue tones, very nice to see the empty street

  11. That’s one bustling town you live in 🙂 I like this night shot and the why the street light is shinning brightly in the corner of the shot. It makes it feel like it could be the North Star.

  12. Good heavens, Toni, that’s far too busy for me, I just couldn’t handle fighting my way through those crowds! Ha ha

    All jokes aside, I long to live somewhere like this. I adore the smaller communities where real people exist, and where the pace is altogether slower. The photograph is awesome, don’t know why you are so hard on yourself. You’ve captured the ambience and character of the street perfectly, and some way cool processing too.

  13. I love this scene…and the blue tones. It has such a peaceful quality to it, which is only emphasized by the falling snow. Makes me want to walk in a snowy place at night and soak up the stillness.