Well heaven only knows…


…That packages and bows can never heal a hurting human soul. 

I have a friend who is hurting right now and this time of year just emphasizes the things that are going wrong in one’s life.  My neighbor is recovering from a stroke and is finally able to go back to work after being off for four or five months.  Their home is being foreclosed on and they are faced with bankruptcy.  A mother was celebrating her daughter’s birthday at a roller skating party, fell, broke one wrist and has a stress fracture in the other.

For every wrong there is a right, however.  My hurting friend has a spouse who has the strength to help see them through this troubled time.  My neighbor has family support and understanding and they are determined to pick up the pieces and move on – and they are doing so with grace and humor.  The mother with the broken wrists has a circle of friends and family who helped her host Thanksgiving and who continue to help. 

We step out our front door, with camera in hand to take silly photos of lighted snowmen, look up and receive this gift from heaven that needs not a package nor a bow.  And we are thankful for what is right and good in our life and hope the same for our friends and neighbors.



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  1. I had this very same conversation with someone yesterday. My “real” job is not going great. But, we are in the midst of adopting a little five year old girl. And you know what? The job not going well may be OK as I will get to spend more time with her when she comes to live with us! And that would be great. So you are right Toni, there is a bright side to many things.

  2. Here in San Diego we had a F/18 crash into a neigborhood, destroying 3 homes. In one of those homes was a mom with her 15 month old, 1 month old and mother in town to help. They were all killed. The husband shared his sorrow on the news, but also added that he was praying for the pilot (who ejected & was unhurt) that he would not carry the burden of this tragic accident. AMAZING.

  3. Christopher – way to look on the positive side and congratulations! That is really cool about your new daughter. Best wishes to you and your family.
    MaryAnn – I’ve been reading about that tragedy. Such a horrible thing to happen. I was thinking about the pilot and wondering about the choices he made and that he was going to have to live with the resulting tragedy. I don’t know if I would be able to be as generous as the father – that IS amazing. Thanks for commenting. 🙂

  4. elk

    don’t you think having that camera really causes one to see the world even more brilliantly ~thanks for sharing your gift!

  5. Toni…your photo is breathtaking as always….and your words…so true. Being able to stop and see the beauty in the midst of our chaotic lives is really a gift . Thanks for sharing

  6. Wow what an intense sky.

    I wish your friend some happiness and hope the cards turn for her soon. With all respect I hope you friend considers herself lucky as a stoke is a serious thing and I know the road to recovery is a long one with physio and speech therapy etc…The sad thing is you don’t have to be old to be struck down by a stroke either. My dad wasn’t as lucky passed away from his stroke. I sincerely wish you neighbour a full recovery.

    I hear too many tragic stories, here a few weeks ago a father took his 2 young kids fishing. One was in a pram and the older one stood on the back of the pram, the pram with both kids rolled off the pier and into the sea. The father dived in to save them and all 3 drowned. I feel for the mother as she has lost her whole family. It just makes me cry.

    Life is a gift and we should try not to take it for granted.

  7. BoB

    wow, what a fire sky, really an amazing sunset

  8. Wow an amazing photo of the glowing sky. Awesome colors! Really Nice.

  9. Kym

    Lovely photo and even more beautiful and touching essay. thank you.

  10. the other day at our study class the rabbi spoke about hope. about how having even the tiniest bit of hope is what will sustain us through hard times. and then he smiled and looked at our study class of five women, and of course, he said, good friends help too.

  11. Amazing photo! The colors seem surreal and the bottom of the sky looks a tiny bit like lava.

  12. wonderful skies…
    nice tone…
    reddish sky, i love it!

    thank you for sharing.