And hearts will be glowing…


Soon schools will be out for Christmas break, college students will be traveling home, and children of all ages and sizes will be underfoot.  My boys are both adults, with adult responsibilities, and a girlfriend to split family time with, so we aren’t sure what is happening with Christmas this year.  One thing I do know is that it will work out, it always does.

If you have someone that you love that doesn’t need anything or doesn’t have room for anything, may I suggest a gift from World Vision – click here for the US site, or here for the Canadian site, or here for the international site to select your country.   If you find the Gift Catalog, there are some really cool gift options.  For $75USD you can buy a goat, which can provide income or nutrition through offspring or milk/cheese/yogurt.  You can even buy two or more, or even a partial goat, that will go to a family in countries like Haiti or Kenya.  For $25 you can buy two chickens which will also provide nutrition and income.  There are all sorts of options from water wells to education and all sorts of price ranges.  You can have a card sent to your recipient telling them of your gift or download a card to print yourself.  Pretty cool!

If World Vision doesn’t float your boat, there are a lot of worthy organizations out there.  Any suggestions as to where you like to donate?  A special surprise to some lucky visitor here (or two) who leaves a comment about your favorite organization.  One lucky winner will receive a desk calendar and the other will receive a set of four cards – two from Wayfaring Wanderer and two from me (I’m sharing the love from WW and Liss).  The winners will be announced on Saturday so I can send you your goodies before Christmas, hopefully in time for you to use the cards this year.



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12 responses to “And hearts will be glowing…

  1. Heart shaped Ivy? It’s stunning.

  2. Oooo….I love greyscale plants or flowers.

  3. Love the suggestion of a gift from World Vision. Especiallly wonderful for the ‘adult’ children in my life!
    And your image is rendered simply and beautifully in b&w. Nice composition and dof.

  4. The image is gorgeous… great dof!

  5. Kym

    I know this is simple (and I give more “sensibly” elsewhere) but whenever my kids and I are out, we put a buck or two into the Salvation Army’s bell ringer’s bucket. My kids learn that I value helping others (and my littlest still loves putting the money in himself.) And I know of so many down on their luck people that have gotten help from the Salvation Army. Bless them.

  6. Elizabeth

    I never see Salvation Army bell ringers now. 😦

    Around the holiday time, I tend to give to local organizations that feed and shelter people – the local animal shelter, the food bank, Loaves and Fishes .. sometimes to a weimaraner rescue group, sometimes to diabetes charities or the Ronald McDonald House Charities in lieu of a gift for my parents (2 brothers with diabetes; if RMHC had been around when I was young, my parents could’ve stayed at the hospital with me). I also like Adopt-a-Family.

  7. Elizabeth

    I should’ve said “feed and shelter people or animals” 🙂

  8. Your BW shots are so nice. Plus you got BW snow falling with it =D

  9. BoB

    Original composition, very nice work

  10. Great shot!! I like the “snowy” screen, too – very cool.

  11. A marvellous image with the snow falling as well. Also a great idea

  12. Beautiful composition and tonal range!