A Baby Just Like You


Little G here is just adorable.  He spent the whole evening sleeping or eating so we didn’t get a look at his little peepers.  These little guys are life changing.  The world no longer revolves around you, but around them.   Sure, there are the feeding schedules and diaper changes and sleep schedules to think about, but there are bigger questions and worries.  What will they be like when they grow up?  Who will he look like ?  (They change so quickly, you know.)  Will he be a jock?  Or a geek?  Or a nerd?  (There’s nothing wrong with any of those, by the way.)   Will he find someone to love and grow old with?  Will he be happy? 

The future of the world rests in their hands.  We have the responsibility to give them the tools to do so.  Can we?  Will we screw it up?  With a wing and a prayer, and a few mistakes along the way, we do the best that we can.  And they grow up and become everything you’ve hoped for them to be.

 [Edit to add]  In case you are wondering, G is my co-workers newborn son and he attended our company Christmas party.  He’s not quite one month old yet.

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12 responses to “A Baby Just Like You

  1. A little miracle, I’m getting all misty eyed.
    Joe has to take a photo of himself for every year of his life (11) to school tomorrow, so this afternoon I’ve had a lovely nostalgic wade through boxes of photos (most are pre digital) , the time goes so very they grow so fast, take time to enjoy!

  2. So incredibly sweet. There is something so hopeful about newborn babies..and all the promise they bring.

  3. They are perhaps the answer to our future…. all eyes on them! =D

  4. Kym

    My eyes teared up and my throat got a lump. The promise of a small baby is caught in this photo.

  5. Hi Toni. I also have a child that was born exactly 10 months ago. You can think what you want, will he be this, or be that… I just don’t care as long as he is happy. That’s my main concern. That he is a happy child, and will became a happy young guy and a happy grownup. But as you say babies are always changing, so enjoy the best you can and register that, because times go by. Cheers.

  6. I love babies they are so cute and full of hope for a better future and world but only if we lead the way.

    Your words were really touching they brought a tear to my eyes.

  7. I can sit and stare at photos like that all day!

  8. What an amazing portrait. You should print it out and give it as a gift to the babies parents!

  9. Thanks everyone! I had a good subject. 🙂
    Andy – I gave the files to the parents and grandparents (I work with g-pa and dad) so they can select which ones they like. Plus the parents are having a pro come in this week to take photos of G.

  10. Toni,
    I stumbled across your site and enjoyed looking at some of your photos. I really like this one, especially black & white. Thanks.

  11. Gorgeous photo. And oh how I understand the sentiment along with it!