Thumpety, thump, thump


Thumpety thump thump
thumpety thump thump
Look at Frosty go
Thumpety thump thump
thumpety thump thump
Over the hills of snow

Poor Frosty took a beating over the weekend due to gale force winds.  Well, they might not have really been gale force winds, but they were pretty dang gusty.  And cold.  Very, very cold.  With snow.  Frosty was right at home.   Although, I had to pick Frosty up and put him back together again, kind of like Humpty Dumpty, but I guess they couldn’t put Humpty together again, so never mind.  Anyway, the wind knocked him over three different times before I pried apart some granite slab chunks that were frozen together and used them to weight down the frame.  Ugh.  Winter winds suck buckets.  But, I’m thankful for the granite chunks.



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11 responses to “Thumpety, thump, thump

  1. Amazing DOF, with the pretty lights like tiny full moons in the background.

    When I saw the photo upload, and the red sharks fin, it instantly reminded me of the horror film, ‘The Candy man’, with the hook he uses to kill people… I know… must stop drinking so much caffeine Ha ha

  2. *lol* had to look twice to get it right! somehow Frosty looks like a macro-capture of an insect to me *g* well done, very interesting!

  3. It took me a second to figure out what I was looking at but once I did, I loved it! Cool, very cool (not cold).

  4. Paul – you silly man. That is a carrot for a nose, not a sharks fin! That would be scary!! You should definitely switch to decaf. 😉

  5. EWO & Chris – well, maybe because I know what it is I don’t have a hard time figuring out that it’s Frosty, but it seems kind of obvious to me. 😛 Thanks, though!!

  6. Awesome DOF! Love all the colors!

  7. ELK

    toni ~great post with the lyrics and that amazing photo of a most unusual snow person…BIG smile here!

  8. Love the twinkling lights in the background. Fun image!!!

  9. Elizabeth

    I love the lights in the background!

    Poor Frosty. Harsh winter winds are rough on everyone, even snow men.

  10. poor frosty he is looking a bit flat

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