Percy the puny poinsettia…


Is hanging his bloom in dismay
If they had just kept him wetta
He’d be a houseplant today
Folks liked the other plants betta
Now he’s alone on the shelf
Even a plant with no uncle or aunt
Shouldn’t spend Christmas Day by himself

Now who would have thought that there’d be a song about a poinsettia?  Click here for the full lyrics. 

I got myself a present – a Lensbaby lens for my camera.  I sold a few pieces of my glass and decided to treat myself.  It came in yesterday morning and I did not allow myself to open the box up until I did a few chores around the house.  I finally opened it up around noon and started playing around.  Boy, do I have a lot to learn!!  I took around 200 images (good thing for digital) and have about a dozen that are passable.  Maybe.  The thing with the Lensbaby is that it is all manual, so I am REALLY going to have to learn how the camera works – mainly ISO settings and aperture size so you don’t get blown out images.  Thankfully some post-processing adjustments in Photoshop can be made, but it can’t correct everything.  I’m going to have a lot of fun over the next two weeks!!



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16 responses to “Percy the puny poinsettia…

  1. Love the DOF on this its just perfect! Great shot.

  2. Love the shot, loath poinsettias!! I spent too many years trying to keep them fit and sell them in my flower shop.
    (I can rustle up a very nice wreath out of the left over ones! 🙂

  3. Congrats on the new ‘baby’ Toni, I think you are going to have a lot of fun with that. A gorgeous photograph, fabulous DOF and colour that positively leaps from my monitor.

    Can we swap success ratios with our shots please…. I’m lucky to get 3 good ones from 200 ha ha. The joys of digital, eh.

    Have fun. I’m looking forward to some more great images from you

  4. You have combined good poetic writing with an excellent picture!

  5. ELK

    well I have never heard of this song…no surprise tho’…way to treat yourself …cannot wait to see more lovely photos using your new baby!

  6. Simply lovely DOF sooooo smooth =D Lovely color scheme for the holiday season!

  7. Elizabeth

    congrats on your new ‘baby’! That is an absolutely lovely shot – the color just pops on my monitor. 🙂 Don’t post too many great shots with the Lensbaby please; I don’t need the temptation, LOL.

  8. A beautiful image and bokeh.

  9. The poinsetta is beautiful. Which of the lensbabies did you order? Am thinking of treating myself to the same…

  10. The Lens Baby is working well. Which one did you get?

    I’m starting my glass collection. What macro lens do you use?

  11. A new lens is always exciting. Good on you for spoiling yourself. I dont know what a lensbaby is. Off to google it now.

  12. BoB

    I like the blur, great christmas shot

  13. I got the Composer along with the accessory kit, which includes the macro lenses, the telephoto lens, the wide angle lens, plus a heart and star shaped aperture. I’ve tried the macro lenses, which lets you get much closer to the subject, and the wide angle lens.
    Paul – I said the 12 out of 200 were passable, I didn’t say they were good!! 😛
    Thanks everyone!!

  14. for just learning this is fantastic! i love the rich red and of course that classic baby blur!! ohh i’m with elizabeth..don’t tempt me… what fun! i am looking forward to seeing you play!