Frosty Freeze


Friday morning while I was waiting for my family to show up I went outside in the snow with my dogs to play catch and found a frosty world awaiting us.  After we were done playing catch (it only took Buster about five minutes and he wanted to go back inside and good old Buddy lost one of the balls in the snow) I got my camera and snapped a few shots. 

I’m still playing with the Lensbaby and having lots of fun with it.  While my son was here, I took my camera out to document him doing the dishes, but he is a very uncooperative subject – no photos.



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17 responses to “Frosty Freeze

  1. Mom

    Hi Toni: Very nice picture. Seems like you can reach out and knock the ice off. Tell Nick Grandma would have liked to seen a picture of him and his girlfriend. Love u, Mom

  2. How about I email you a different picture of N and his GF, Mom?

  3. Am loving your lensbaby images. This one is no exception. I can relate to sons who would rather NOT have their picture taken!!! 🙂

  4. Absolutely superb, Toni. Detail and quality are first class. I know how your son feels, I really do not like my face on film. Someone once said I have a great face for radio…. boo hoo

  5. even better than yesterday’s fab photo

  6. Oh what fun, I was given an infra-red filter for Christmas, I shall play.

  7. Really nice photo. The lensbaby seems to be working great!

  8. beautiful picture. happy holidays

  9. Love the colors in this and the crystals are amazing.

  10. Lovely, lovely and beautiful. Such a fascinating capture and composition. Creates such a warm feeling or mood I should say. Excellent work!

  11. Very nice photo. It has nice flow to it. I’ve never used a lens baby before but it looks like fun.

  12. BoB

    what a cold day, great bokeh

  13. I’m not usually a fan of the lensbaby but this really works.

  14. I really like this one. It has the feel of looking through a window.

  15. Kym

    Heck, if he is doing the dishes, who cares if he’ll let you take photos!

  16. I love the out of foucs areas in the picture. It adds a very magical touch to the shot. No photo of your son but at least the dishes are done.