Winter rose


A winter rose is very rare
Whose delicate petals weep
As the bitter north winds blows
Them fiercely off to sleep
They awaken from their slumber
Beneath a warming sun

And rise to stretch in glory
As a new day has begun
The winter rose has flourished
Through the passing time
A symbol of life’s passion
And love that is sublime

A new beginning, never to end
A life’s passion, deeper than the sea
Embracing this thirsty soul
Never to be separated again
By the north wind blows..this winter rose

JoJo Bean, Dodgy Dave and Meggie Gultiano


Forgive the soft focus of this image.  I almost didn’t post it, but I liked it enough that I overlooked the focus issues.  I took my camera, with Lensbaby attached, across the street to my neighbor’s driveway and took this image of their rose bush.  I think it is a rose of sharon bush – not your typical rose bush anyway.  These are the little seed pod things that are left behind after the rose is spent.  I was quickly losing light, standing there in my slippers with no coat on and I couldn’t find the sweet spot of the lens.  Still learning!!



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8 responses to “Winter rose

  1. beautiful and poetic captures , not only this one but your previous too!

  2. Poetic motion of words and image, which works wonderfully. The photograph feels somehow unsettling, intruguing, and it’s a very creative angle that you’ve taken. I love it when boundaries are pushed, lines crossed, and risks taken in life as in photography.

    This is a post that makes me think, many diverse thoughts and I like that.

  3. Beautiful blurry effect on the rose. It makes me wonder that the holiday season has gone by so fast.. so sudden. =D

  4. the soft focus and blurr. So sensuous and beautiful!!!

  5. Elizabeth

    dangnabit, now I want a Lensbaby too. 🙂

    I went through the photos you posted while I was away and absolutely love them! I really like the soft focus on this one, love the tree shots, the bread & cheese shot, and the house shots. Just gorgeous. Except that I haven’t eaten today so the bread & cheese made me hungry, LOL.

  6. The soft focus works great here. Its a beautiful shot!!

  7. The color is great. I wish you’d struck a clearer focal point because I’d like to see the flower. It may be something I’d like to grow:-)

  8. The soft focus makes it look very romantic, but I agee with you. Maybe you could try again with a coat on as this would be a perfect shot if the focus was the same as the previous photo post.