Puppy dog trails


The snow is quickly melting, further emphasizing the trails my dogs have left through the snow.  One of the balls that Buddy lost while playing catch has been recovered.  Another day or so and the other one should be recovered as well.  You would think a bright orange ball would be easy to find in the snow, but the snow was soft and powdery enough that the ball sank and the snow fell on top, covering it completely.

In some regards I’m happy that the snow is melting – Buster doesn’t like the snow and playing catch is limited to about five minutes, so he isn’t getting the exercise that he’s used to getting.  I like the snow, though, so I wouldn’t mind seeing it last a bit longer.  I need to get Buster some booties, maybe that would help.  Do they make booties for dogs??



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9 responses to “Puppy dog trails

  1. ELK

    they do make booties…but would he wear them? really nice sun rays in that shot as well…

  2. Wow love the perspective of this shot right down on the ground. The sun peaking through its rays at the top is a great touch as well!

  3. Your falling snow flakes look fantastic falling on this photo:-)

  4. Elizabeth

    indeed they do. I bought Atlas a pair two weeks ago when he hurt his foot (I needed to protect the hurt foot). They were too big so I had to return them, but he hated them so much that I didn’t bother to get a smaller size. I decided it wasn’t worth the hassle. Instead, I put a doggie sock on his foot. That didn’t go well either. However, it was amusing to watch him high-step around like he was unable to put weight on that foot. 😉

    I just love this shot, with the sparkling snow and the sun and the perspective.

  5. Okay, so I bought some booties for Buster today. I only got two on thim tonight after I got home. The first one fell off within four feet of the door, the other two feet later. I spent 10 minutes chasing Buddy around the yard after he picked up one and was playing keep away. Dogs!!

  6. Very nicely-applied details on the snow here TOni! Happy new year!

  7. You must have been laying in the snow to get this fabulous perspective…… hope none of it was yelllow!!

    A gorgeous shot, Toni. Couldn’t FedEx me over some snow could you, it’s miserable and bleak here ha ha

  8. beautiful light, I too hope you weren’t laying in this snow to take the shot.