Emily’s Angel, two


On Angel Wings

On angel wings you do fly
On angel wings into the sky
On angel wings I do cry
Because those angel wings took you away
On angel wings the heralds sing
Is there no such lovely thing?
On angel wings you fly away.
I will see these angel wings again someday
When I am old and my time has come
On angel wings I will fly
Until I’m holding you once again
Smiling on angel wings.

— Troy Nichols


I’m having computer issues, so if you don’t see any posts for a few days it means my laptop is in for repairs.  Fingers crossed! 

Happy New Year!!



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13 responses to “Emily’s Angel, two

  1. Stunning! She’s absolutely gorgeous…. this one stirred me. The contrast is killer (excuse the SoCal lingo).

  2. Exceptional beauty, a lovely post. Sorry to hear of your gremlins and hope it get’s sorted soon as.

    May I wish you a very Happy New Year, Toni, to you and your family. I hope 2009 is filled with love, laughter, happiness and joy and thanks so much for sharing with us your awesome images, and for your much appreciated visits and support.

  3. Beautiful! Love the quality of light. A wonderful way to end the year.
    All the best for 2009!!!

  4. Wow a beautiful statue. I want to wish you a Happy and healthy New Year!

  5. More beautiful lighting. I hope you pc is ok. Happy New Year.

  6. Mmmmm..I wonder what she’s thinking!!! I have a thing for angels…and this one is lovely. Hope you had a great Christmas

  7. Cool shot! Happy New Year Toni!

  8. ELk

    angel of beauty ~sending you happy 2009 wishes across the miles!

  9. So peaceful and wonderfully captured

  10. Elizabeth

    great shot! wishing you a happy 2009! and a soon-to-be-fixed computer. 🙂

  11. another great shot ! like lighting in this capture, beautiful …

  12. Great image. Love the closer you got to take it.
    Happy 2009

  13. BoB

    wow, the light is beautiful