Frozen Delight


The frost is long gone, the snow is melting more and more every day, soon all evidence of our winter storm will be gone and we’ll be left with nothing but the memory and a few photos.  Since I just bought a new winter coat at 50% off, I hope we get more winter!  Yay sales and year-end bonuses!

I hope everyone had a safe and fun New Year’s Eve!  Wishing you all a safe, happy, successful (however you choose to define it), laughter filled year with lots of love.  And photos…lots of photos.  Here’s to 2009!



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12 responses to “Frozen Delight

  1. Wishing you the best! Great sweet spot & amazing bokeh.

  2. don

    A beautiful image of this extensive hoar frost. Here’s wishing you all the best in a great new year!

  3. Really love the lensbaby effect. Beautiful image!!!

  4. Wonderful image, I can see you are having fun. Happy New Year

  5. Happy New Year Toni!

  6. Happy New Year Toni and wishing you some great year end sales and a large bonus. Love the frost with zoom effect on it….this shot is making me feel so cosy somehow.

  7. Elizabeth

    does this mean your computer is fixed?!

    great shot. It seems you have more snow than we do yet! There are just small (or large) piles here and there. Well .. it’s been raining all day (pouring now) so I imagine even the piles will be gone soon.

  8. Exquisitely observed, so beautiful. I hope you get plenty of use from your new coat.

  9. Thanks, everyone!
    Eliz – No, the computer isn’t fixed yet. Right now it is doing fine. It’s issues are in restarting – it doesn’t want to. I need to do a few things on it first (pay bills) and then I need to do a system restore. If that doesn’t work, then’ I’ll have to take it in. This image was taken last week – our snow if disappearing quickly.
    Thanks, Paul! I have a feeling the coat will get plenty of use yet. 🙂

  10. Almost looks like it’s tied in a bow.

  11. Spectacular. The lens is really something. Perefect work

  12. This looks like a fluffy whit pipe cleaner. I am loving your lens baby it’s so sharp at the focal point.