My Buddy boy


I haven’t posted any photos of Buddy for a little while – what’s wrong with me?  I took this image with the Lensbaby on one of the first days after I received it.  I like the soft focus it gives to one of my favorite subjects.  Maybe I should use it for a self portrait – it would make me look younger!  Not.  The sweet spot could have been a little bit crisper, but I like it anyway.  The eyes are the windows to the soul and my Buddy has very expressive eyes.



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17 responses to “My Buddy boy

  1. I went to a photography meting last night and what was funny is that the speaker said, “If you don’t have a Lensbaby”, I don’t know what is wrong with you.”

    I may have to check it out.

  2. The kitty is loving this shot too. He’s been rubbing up against the monitor… purrrrrr

  3. With a face like that I bet he can get anything he wants!

  4. What a pretty pooch:-) The Lensbaby worked well for this capture.

  5. Awh, what an angel baby. I looked at spaniels after Berlin died, but knew I’d miss a German Shepherd so I bought Zoli. Love the image.

  6. ELK

    toni ~really handsome pup ~how old is he? Sam my golden says woof!

  7. ELK – Buddy will be three years old next month. I think he’s handsome, too. 🙂
    Donna – yes, he pretty much gets whatever he wants. And he knows how to work it.
    MaryAnn Ashley – umm…you have a strange kitty. 😀
    Rachael – thanks!
    Sherri – I’m not real fond of Shepards – my boss’ Shepard bit me one morning. My boss laughed. I didn’t. 🙂
    Christopher – – It’s addictive!!

  8. I think He wants to give me a kiss! Nice shot.

  9. Buddy is cool. I love dogs too.

  10. Elizabeth

    awwwww .. I just want to squish him. I’d try to show the photo to Atlas, but whenever I try to show him something on the computer, he thinks there’s a squirrel out the window. And mayhem ensues, LOL.

  11. Thanks Terry and João! I think he’s pretty cool, too. Buddy isn’t much of a kisser, but Buster sure is and he aims really well for the mouth, so you have to be quick to dodge him.
    Eliz – You crack me up!

  12. What an absolutely beautiful portrait. A look that says ” It’s hard to look anything less than gorgeous when you’re born with these fine looks ”

    What a great face

  13. His eye express a lot of love – just adorable, give him a pat for me.

  14. oh such a sweet face. i have a springer spaniel too. i can’t quite tell, is he black or liver color? My Evee is liver and white.

  15. My Buddy is black and white – he matches my hair color quite well. 😉

  16. of course he is beautiful! he is your boy i understand! he looks a bit doleful but perhaps he is not the camera type and would rather eat cookies than have his photograph on the internet 🙂