Sale Pending!


I’m sad.  My favorite house in this population 3,190 town has been for sale for a little while now and I noticed this weekend that it has “sale pending” on the “for sale” sign out front.  Some lucky duck is going to live in this beautiful home and it isn’t me.  My coworkers and I are going to start going in on a mega-millions ticket once a week.  Maybe if we get lucky and win, I can offer the new owners DOUBLE what they paid and they’d sell it to me.  Well, one can dream…



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15 responses to “Sale Pending!

  1. Looks almost like a gingerbread house. Love the lensbaby look!!!

  2. don

    The lensbaby transforms the house for me making it appear almost “doll house” like. Perhaps you can build a model of it to enjoy while you wait for the lucky drawing!

  3. Looks like something out of a picture book. Did you use your lens baby on this one too?

  4. Donna – Yep, it’s a Lensbaby!!

  5. It does look like a lovely, peaceful home to live in… love the blur on the sides!

  6. I agree it is very fairytale like and think it would look wonderful decked out in Christmas lights too.

  7. Can I buy into the ticker as well? 🙂

  8. ELK

    nice picture ~maybe a really nice family that you become friends with will move in and you can visit!

  9. Elizabeth

    I can see why you like it! I do too, except for the little pink eave? sticking out. I’d have to redo that.

  10. The lensbaby does make it look like a dream.

  11. ELK – Great idea!
    Eliz – I agree!! That would be the first thing I’d do and I’m surprised they didn’t repaint it when they were getting ready to sell it. It will be interesting to see what the new owners do with it.

  12. What a charming place, I can see why you like it so much. Fingers crossed with those tickets

  13. BoB

    this house is really beautiful

  14. I like this effect because it looks like a dream and you said its your dream house! Great idea!

  15. i can totally see why you would want to live in that house toni! it is so cozy and inviting. the matching pointy roofs, the fancy gabled end and that perfectly curved little window and door all speak to me of being ‘homey’. your photograph made me look very closely at the details:)