It’s a berry good day


I took out my camera yesterday at the office during my lunch hour and just walked around taking some Lensbaby macro shots of various things that I found interesting, such as these fake decorative berries.  Now what I find REALLY interesting was that I had the camera set to shoot in monochrome.  Okay, that wasn’t the interesting part, I do that occasionally.  When my camera software imported the photos from the camera, it imported them in black and white, like it is supposed to.  Now THIS is the interesting part, when I imported them into Lightroom, Lightroom converted every photo to color.  I did not know it would do that. 

A couple of weeks ago I took some images of homes and murals and did most of them in black and white, but they imported into Lightroom in color.  I thought I must have been mistaken in my thinking and not had the camera on monochrome like I thought.  I wasn’t mistaken – I wasn’t going crazy after all.

I haven’t had Lightroom for more than a week or so and learn something knew about it every day.  When I was going around the office shooting in black  and white, I was thinking I should switch over to color for some of them, but wanted to stick to the monochrome setting.  Now I know that I don’t have to worry about it.  Now how cool is that?



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18 responses to “It’s a berry good day

  1. Wow that is cool that lightroom was able to convert them back. Where you shooting in RAW? Really cool colors in these and the dof is perfect!

  2. Andy – yep, shooting in RAW.

  3. That is neat…so you never lose all the color detail. A friend of mine has lightroom and she LOVES it…so its definitely on my list of things to get this year!

  4. Love the lensbaby effect. Didn’t know that about lightroom. I – too – learn something new every day!!!

  5. Didn’t know LR would do that. But if you shoot in RAW, I guess that makes sense. Learn something new every day!

  6. ELK

    toni ~you are amazing …..the fakes look real!

  7. Elizabeth

    wow – did not know it could do that! amazing. is it because it’s RAW that it knows what the colors were?

  8. Donna – Thanks! I would highly recommend Lightroom – love it!!
    Marcie – Thanks! Happy to educate you! 😀
    ELK – Aww, thanks!!
    Eliz – Isn’t that cool? Yes, the RAW keeps all that data. From Wikipedia:
    Like a photographic negative, a raw digital image may have a wider dynamic range or color gamut than the eventual final image format. The selection of the final choice of image rendering is part of the process of white balancing and color grading.
    Raw formats’ purpose is to faithfully record both 100% of exactly what the sensor “saw” (the data), and the conditions surrounding the recording of the image (the metadata).

  9. redpaperclip

    Wow! I love it! Looks real to me 🙂

  10. It’s a great shot! The sweet spot is perfect! I’m getting some serious lensbaby cravings…

    I haven’t used Lightroom for long either… but it has made post processing SO much faster. I know there are a million other things to learn & that’s exciting for me too.

  11. It sounds like a berry good day:-) Love the colors.

  12. Sweet 🙂 I see your putting your new lens to some good use!

  13. cool shot, really like lensbaby effects, also like DOF here …

  14. Lightroom sounds very clever. I really like this one in colour.

  15. that’s crazy about lightroom. i don’t have it yet, but i want it bad. 😉

    gorgeous photo, as always.

  16. MTB

    I love berries. Wow. What a fabulous picture of the berries.

  17. Kym

    I love Lightroom but I need a class in how to operate it or maybe a Lightroom for Dummies type book.

  18. i was going to say i could wear those berries as a hat! and that remains true. i am loving the colors! but i see the topic has moved onto the mysteries of LR and RAW. i am learning LR as we speak. i’m not sure i need something other than PS but i have heard such good things about it. i use Lynda dot com for video tutorials. that way i don’t have to pull my hair out when tackling a new program 🙂