I’m not positive of what this wheel is a part, but if memory serves it is a part on a corn sorter.  I think. 

This is one of the images taken at the office with the camera settings in monochrome, which Lightroom imported in color that I had to convert back to monochrome.  Did you follow all that?  Oh, good, I’m glad. 

Taken with the Lensbaby.  I’ll have a series of photos over the next few days of different bits of this…thingie.



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16 responses to “Farm…thingie

  1. That is cool. Seems like you are having a lot of fun with your new lens.

  2. Ah the old mono-colour-mono two step! Ha ha

    This is really interesting and detailed and the effect with the lensbaby is marvellous. I think you are getting your money’s worth with that superb new lens.

  3. don

    I like the sharp central focus you achieved with the lensbaby. The fall off in focus makes the shot so attractive. Nicely done.

  4. I’m not sure if I get it, but I’m not feeling very clear headed today, do you think I’ll get it when the day comes for me to embrace Lightroom? (which is the master plan)

  5. I love your high tech terminology Toni. “Thingie” is one of my most widely used words. Love the picture as always

  6. Nuts and bolts, great captured abstract! I’m really diggin the blurring effect on the side! =D

  7. beautiful picture. really nicely done

  8. Cool abstract shot. I look forward to seeing more photos of this”thingie”! 🙂

  9. redpaperclip

    Awesome this abstract shot. It has somewhat of an “industrial” feel. 🙂

  10. The best picture award of the week of a thingie goes out to Toni. Congrats!! 🙂

  11. very nice focus and details here. The BW works beautifully with this composition.

  12. “thingie mabobbie!” It’s a great photo!

  13. Elizabeth

    it’s a …… thingie! 😉

    I like this in b&w.

  14. You’re really loving your lensbaby!!! Wonderful detail.

  15. Oh are were talking in technical terms?
    This is the nicest image I’ve seen of a thingie 🙂

  16. the contrast came out perfectly using your in camera settings! ok so i am going on to the next shot… that is part of the bigger thingy that this thingy is a part of….