Farm thingie, part three


I didn’t get the focus quite where I wanted, but I think it works anyway.   This is another section of that same chain from yesterday that went around the wheel from the day before that.  It goes around this spool, and then another at the bottom, and somehow works it’s way back to the wheel again.  Since I haven’t cranked the handle on the wheel to see what actually happens, I can’t be certain of this, but the grate that you can see there is what sorts the chaf out of the corn, I believe.  But, since I’m sure not that this is a corn sorter, I could be wrong on all of that.



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12 responses to “Farm thingie, part three

  1. I see the chain now… the spool & grate in the background reminds me of my grandmothers foot petal sewing machine that I used to make Barbie Doll clothes on as a kid.

  2. don

    I like this close up. The focus works well enough that the shot is very successful. Nice one in my opinion.

  3. and this is the house that jack built… do you know that little ditty? all the different parts of this thing make up the whole! it is hard for me to picture you are out on your lunch hours doing this… where do you work…on a farm?

  4. Robin – yes, I work for a large farm in eastern Washington. This contraption is actually decoration in our office foyer, which is bigger than my kitchen/living room combined. And, yes, I am familiar with that ditty, which was my inspiration for yesterday and today, too, I guess. Good catch!! 🙂

  5. You know, it’s high time that CANON stopped using this antiquated system of chains and pulleys inside their digital SLR’s and took a more modern approach like Nikon Ha ha

    Neat shot Toni, and I always enjioy the accompanying words

  6. Its cool to see all the different parts to this machine and imagine how it all works together!

  7. Sometimes it is cool not to know what you are are looking at. And this is one of those times. You can just sit there and wonder.

  8. Looks very much like an old wooden spool for thread. Another good item for the lensbaby.

  9. It looks so sculptural. I can see why its on display where you work

  10. Elizabeth

    your description cracked me up. It sounds like something I would say .. who needs technical terms for things. 😉

  11. Love the point-of-focus..the almost abstract nature..and really not knowing what it is.

  12. BoB

    Great set, I like all these rusty stuffs