Farm thingie, part four


This shot should give you a better idea of how the previous three images go together.  You know, this is the chain that goes around the wheel that…does something.

This was not taken with the Lensbaby, but it does have some pretty good depth of field, if I do say so myself.  Yay me!



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13 responses to “Farm thingie, part four

  1. I am now starting to get the picture. Pun intended! That is neat.

  2. It’s all becoming clearer now, Toni. Neat shot with wonderful detail and DOF. I’m liking that lens very much.

  3. Love the DOF…I just got a new 50mm lens that is wonderful for pics like this!

  4. don

    The series does build up to a more detailed understanding of how this machinery might work. Fine shooting!

  5. I still love the way you have composed this, clean effect!

  6. ELK

    this series is really interesting Toni…artistic/

  7. redpaperclip

    I really like this whole “thingie” series. Very abstract and great b&w shots.

  8. Now I’m beginning to see the big picture. Love how you’ve brought us ’round!!!

  9. I like that the main structure is made of wood. Give it an ever older feel.

    Is this a black and white conversion in lightroom as it has very nice tones.

  10. Thanks, everyone!
    Liss – Yes, it was converted in Lightroom – thanks!

  11. Farm thingie, part four is awesome do to some pretty good depth of field and the chain that goes around the wheel that…does something. What more can you ask for. 🙂

  12. Elizabeth

    I love the b&w colors and DOF

  13. BoB

    It does something is also my prefer answer 😀 great shot and dof here