Stranger, no danger


I’m taking a break today from the Farm Thingie series, because the image I took yesterday of the whole contraption was HORRIBLE.  Completely out of focus and headed immediately for the recycle bin.  When I take photos at the office, I prefer to do it when the office is completely empty, or at least with the boss and CFO gone, but even after work last night the office was still full of people.  I’m very self-conscious of taking photos in front of other people – I always wonder what they are thinking.  Anyway, I only got one shot off, in low light, with no flash and the ISO not set quite high enough.  And I moved.

So instead I’m posting this image of a perfect stranger who graciously allowed me to take his photo.  Last week, while I was getting my pickup’s oil changed, this interesting fellow seated nearby in the waiting area said hello and struck up a brief conversation. With an inspiring post  in mind that I had recently read on the Shutter Sister’s website, written by Sarah Ji and entitled Carpe Diem, I decided to seize the day, as it were.  I got out my camera and started getting some shots of the gumball machine while I worked up the courage to ask him if I could take his photo. Because of Sarah’s post, I did ask – that is not something that I would normally do, but he was friendly so what the heck.  After a couple minutes of conversation about why and what would I do with it, he agreed. I snapped one image and one image only and showed it to him for his approval.  He seemed pleased.  He’ll never see it beyond what he saw on the LCD screen on the back of my camera, but he knows it is out here on the world wide web somewhere.  And I never got his name.



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17 responses to “Stranger, no danger

  1. ELK

    way to go Toni ~you really did well!! he was an interesting shot to take

  2. Good for you. A hard thing to do, but well worth it.

  3. A nice portrait of a stranger, as it were. You have more nerve than I. Well done, Toni

  4. Mom

    Toni: Like it! People are interesting – take more. Too bad this guy won’t be able to see it on the website. Luv, Mom

  5. Good for you. I am never able to go up to a stranger and ask if I can take their picture.

  6. Good job taking this portrait! I also have problems taking photos of strangers which is probably why most of my photos are of nature and landscapes 🙂

  7. What a great story… you must’ve had those butterflies going before you asked. There is so many stories in this image… so much character in his face & colors…

  8. I can tell my the look on his face He is thinking she wants me. 🙂 Great on the spot portrait!

  9. Incredibly brave of you to approach a stranger. Don’t think I could do it myself. And – a resultant wonderful portrait. Nice!!!

  10. Great shot Toni. Don’t know why you consider yourself self-conscious, that’s quite an amazing story about this portrait shot. Fabulous job, very well done.

  11. Elizabeth

    awesome! And what a great shot you got!

  12. great portrait, good treatment …

  13. He looks bemused. Great shot and good for you for being so bold.

  14. Congratulation asking to take someone’s photo is a big nerve barrier to break.
    I always get the email address of the complete strangers I snap and send them a copy. This is just a curtesy thing my camera club has taught me to do. The people reall

  15. Kym

    I’ve taken strangers pics a couple of times but one time I was too worried about how the woman would take my request. She was a beautiful older woman, very straight looking but with a gorgeous, new facial tatoo (and I’m not big on tatoos). I knew there was a story but…I’ve always regretted not asking. You go, girl!

  16. What a way to step out of your box! Being self conscious about taking photos in front of people is definitely something you should work on more often……imagine how limiting that would be…..or is! If it’s pivotal to the composition you will find me in all sorts of crazy positions……..I go about my business as if no one else is around :o)

  17. This is wonderful! I’m glad you decided to carpe the diem!