Curly Ques


I wasn’t able to get a shot of the farm thingie yesterday (too many people) so today we have a shot of these curly que thingies.  Yes, more thingies.  Thingies of a different type and class than the farm thingie, but thingies none the less.



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11 responses to “Curly Ques

  1. Cool. But what are they? Maybe I don’t need to know. I will go with just Cool.

  2. I’d call it a whirligig :o)

  3. That looks a little like my hair first thing in the morning!

  4. Perfect thingie for the lensbaby lens. Looks great!

  5. Elizabeth

    it looks like ribbon!

  6. Interesting thingies, the best sort

  7. BoB

    yeah cool, but I don’t kown what they are too 😀

  8. redpaperclip

    wicked cool shot!