Farm thingie, part…finished


Well, the bosses left the office for lunch yesterday – FINALLY, so I got my camera out and took a few shots of the whole contraption that is this farm tool.  There is a piece of wood missing from that top section – you can kind of see the groove where it would fit.  My guess is that you would load that top section with the corn, crank the wheel, which moves the bottom two pieces, causing it to sort the corn through the grates somehow.  I really need to see this thing in action with some actual corn, but that is not going to happen.



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19 responses to “Farm thingie, part…finished

  1. This is absolutely beautiful. I love old farm thingies! I love how you processed this as well. The B&W works perfectly!

  2. Col

    Quite historical looking. It this particular tool being used today.

  3. A stunning capture of such a grand old tool. The B&W is great for this.

  4. don

    A very interesting looking old machine. I’m impressed with the wide range of tones in the wood that you captured. Excellent black and white image quality.

  5. …and the leg bones connected to the thigh bone….glad to see the entire machine…I would be interested to see it working too!

  6. A machine operated by human power! Very interesting looking machine.

  7. Wow, what a find. Looks a lot like an old pea sheller. Nice capture.

  8. great details on this BW object!

  9. Kym

    You did a beautiful job on this–nice angle, nice depth, nice tone–And I really would like to see how it works too!

  10. ELK

    the black and white really works for these images ~ the old days and all…

  11. Elizabeth

    beautiful – particularly in b&w.

    I’m sure they wouldn’t notice if you walked in someday with a gigantic armful of corn. Really. 😉

  12. Ace picture it’s aLways. Nice to see another monotone photoblog. Great black and White mood.
    Do check mind out.

  13. Excellent series of photos. And an excellent fine result.

  14. Good to see the ‘thingie’ all in one piece. For the life-of-me I can’t figure out how it might work. Love how you’ve slowly brought this series to a point of completion.

  15. nice bw capture, interesting old mechanical machine …

  16. very beautiful black and white capture

  17. Goodbye Farm Thingie. 😦
    This has been really interesting watching it grow into a piece of machinery.

  18. That is not how I thought it would look. Love it!

  19. Wow its not how I pictured it in my mind! Very cool machine and a great photo of it!