Duck, duck, goose


This would be the duck.
A stuffed duck.
In my co-worker’s office.
That he shot.
That would be the duck that he shot, not the office.

He has two others on the wall, in addition to a pheasant.  I feel sorry for the birds – they were such beautiful creatures and they deserved better.

Taken with the Lensbaby – love that thing!!



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16 responses to “Duck, duck, goose

  1. That’s a really neat effect with the lensbaby, Toni.

  2. “QUACK!” Great title. I would’ve never guessed it was stuffed.

  3. Col

    At first glance, I never suspected a dead duck.. poor thing. Great photo though. 🙂

  4. It is a very cool effect.

  5. don

    A fine lensbaby image. Fine in that it makes a very effective image, not just a wild range of fucus. Well done.

  6. Wow strange things to have in an office! If you had not said it was a stuffed duck I never would have known it was not alive.

  7. Andy – I work for a strange office and have some strange co-workers. 😉

  8. You always pick great subjects…something with a story behind it. Love the Lens Baby!

  9. Wow. I was wondering how you got so close to it! Which lensbaby do you use, Toni? I’m thinking of getting one…

  10. Hi Sarah – I’m using the Lensbaby Composer. I also got the telephoto, wide angle and macro lens adapters. Haven’t used the telephoto much, but the others see regular use.

  11. Stunning DOF, that lensbaby is amazing. Of course the photographer is also very creative. Excellent angle and composition.

  12. Elizabeth

    it looks real! poor duck.

  13. Love the lensbaby effect..altho it does creep me out that someone might shoot a duck and actually keep it as a trophy. Poor little guy!!!

  14. Poor ducky – he looks so beautiful

  15. This would be the duck…I like that:-) Sometimes we need clarification.