44: At a crossing


It seems our country has been stuck at a crossing, waiting for the train (wreck) that is GW to go on by.  Today he finally has and the crossing arms are rising to a new day and a new president.  Thank goodness for change.


[Editor’s Note] 

This post is inspired, of course, by our new president, President Barack Obama, and by a fellow blogger Melissa at I Have Mom Hair Now  (and Shutter Sisters) who encouraged everyone to post a photo and write 44 words for our 44th president – see above paragraph.

I was also reminded and inspired by my son yesterday morning that yesterday was a day of service.  My son’s intention was to donate blood, however he called back several hours later with two badly sprained ankles from a bad snow boarding wipe out.  Hopefully he’ll still be able to donate today.  What were your plans for this day of service?



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14 responses to “44: At a crossing

  1. This shot turned out great and I hope Mr Obama turns out to be as great as a lot people are saying. I will pray for Mr Obama and our nation today.

  2. Beautiful image and perfect metaphor!

  3. don

    I pray for and wish our new President all the best.

  4. Kym

    I love the dangerous looking lights! How did you do that?

    Hooray for change and Obama symbolizes that better than anyone else could. Yesterday 4 generations of my family picked up trash. We’re ready for a clean start!

  5. Kym, I have no idea how I did that! It could have been a couple of raindrops on the windshield – that’s the only thing I could think of when I first saw the image on my laptop. Yay to clean starts!!

  6. Interesting ghosting with the lights. I like your 44 words

  7. shalet

    Excellent use of 44 words!

  8. Great photo and very fitting words! Glad to join this project. I donated a bag of groceries to a food bank for my service project. Fun!

  9. Elizabeth

    I love that photo (crazy lights!) and verse. I am happy for a new day and a new president.

  10. Hope your son is okay. This capture is really cool.

  11. This picture is wonderful. I like the fish in the sky. I hope your son gets better soon.

  12. lights of fest in the winter!