I’m in heaven


Wow!  Liss from A Memory Forever awarded me, and some mighty fine other bloggers, the Kreativ Blogger Award.  This must be my week!  On Monday, Donna, from Diary of a Dingo, awarded me with a Blogging Friends Award and now Liss gives me this one!  Thanks to these two lovely ladies my spirits have been lifted from down in the doldrums and I’m in hog heaven.  In fact, I was going to post a photo of a roasted pig, but this theme only allows one image, so you have been spared.  You can thank me later.

Back to the award, though.  It really, truly is an honor to be chosen to receive the Kreativ Blogger Award.  When I got my camera a year ago, it was to photograph my glass work to use on my website or for gallery submissions.  I decided that I needed to really learn my camera and felt the best incentive for that was to start a daily photoblog, so February of last year I did that.  During the last eleven months or so, my photos have slowly improved, thanks in large part to the inspiration I have received from viewing the photos of other amazing photographers.  Also, little did I know that I would come to “meet” some really nice people from all over the U.S. and from all over the world.

When I forwarded on the Blogging Friends Award, I kept it to eight people, but I really had more people to whom I would have liked to give the award.  I will take the opportunity now to recognize them.  Each of the following are wonderful photographers and, from what I can tell, are some pretty wonderful people. 

Kreativ Blog Award Rules – The winner may put the logo on their blog. Put a link to the person who sent you the award and then nominate your favourite blogs, please add a link to their blog.

Thank you again to Liss for this recognition – I do appreciate it!



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7 responses to “I’m in heaven

  1. Thanks for the recognition Toni! However, I won’t be putting the award on my blog, but I really appreciate you for picking me as one of your top 8. Cheers!

  2. What can I say, but a huge thank you Toni, it’s so nice of you to even consider me for this. Meeting creative, enthusiastic, talented photographers from every level, and many corners of the globe has been a great pleasure since I began blogging, and I am always learning new styles and techniques from others.

    I always enjoy visiting your blog, and you often make me smle or laugh or raise my spirit just before I go to work, for which I thank you.

    Now, awards are not really my style. That makes me sound like a big meany, which is not the case, well, at least I hope it’s not! Ha ha You know me well enough to know that I’m pretty insular and secretive, my personal awards are in the words that I use to comment with, and I hope that my support for many other bloggers is as important to them as their words are to me. But a huge thank you for sure, because your words and opinions mean a great deal to me, and that I’m on your list is a boost to my ego.

    Keep up the excellent work on your blog, and thank you again

  3. Congratulations!! YOU GO GIRL!!!!

  4. Wow thanks for the award Toni! Its an honor!

  5. Thanks, Toni! I’m honored to be among the recipients. Thank you for your visits and comments and emails. I’m so happy to have met you! 🙂

  6. Look at you little miss popular 🙂

    I am glad I found your blog and your really do deserve this award.

    I will go check out the people you have passed this onto soon.

  7. Thank you so much, Toni. I’ve never rec’d anything like this in my entire life:-)