Don’t you love texture?  I do!  There isn’t anything really exciting about this shot – just a lamp base at work, but I really like the texture of it. 

Happy Friday, everyone!  TGIF!!



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15 responses to “Texture

  1. The lens baby adds a whole new facet, too!

  2. don

    A fine close up. I especially like the narrow focus and the general graphic nature of the basket. Nice one.

  3. dianeschuller

    but I like the selective focus you get with that lens baby.

  4. texture excites me too… i’m trying to figure new ways of applying them… enjoyed the shot. happy weekend!

  5. Works wonderfully with the lensbaby, and perfection in mono, allowing the detail to shine. Nicely observed, Toni. Have a great weekend

  6. again and agin lens baby 😀 , great focus, what it is this thing???

  7. I would never have picked it a a lamp base, it does have a very interesting texture.

  8. ELK

    everyday items seen in a new way ~you do it so well Toni

  9. Whoa Texture I have goose pimples. 🙂 Just kidding cool shot.

  10. i think you’ve developed your own identity to your photos, i like how you blur the edges of most of your photos. =D

  11. Elizabeth

    way cool! happy Friday!

  12. And the texture is really nice because of the selective focus.

  13. You must sleep with your lens baby in your hands. Always at the ready. These are wonderful!

  14. Another great shot with the lensbaby. I think I am going to be asking for this lens for my birthday in a few weeks!