I’m glad it’s Saturday


Another office photo, this time of a mounted salmon. 

Apparently resident killer whales in the Pacific Northwest are being poisoned by chinook salmon that have high concentrations of DDTs and PCBs that were injested by the salmon during their time at sea.  You can read all about it here.   

I need some happy thoughts.  Anybody have any they’d like to share?



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14 responses to “I’m glad it’s Saturday

  1. Kym

    That is a truly horrifying picture…I mean that in a good way. The abrupt angle you show us make s the salmon seem to be lunging all the while he is staring with his dead eye. Creepy!

    Happy thought—Bush, who had been repeatedly blocked by the courts, as he left office, signed an order removing gray (I’d have used grey-more angular and wild seeming– but that’s their name) wolves from the endangered species list. Obama has frozen all his orders effectively giving them a reprieve. Thank god, for us seemingly having a president that is more concerned with hearing the science than catering to special interests.

  2. That is a happy thought. Thank you, Kym! Hopefully under Obama we will start to see the return of some of our civil liberties that were eroded by Bush.

  3. I’m thinking about doing a little urban farming right in our condo! Is that a happy thought? Plus I’m getting a Lensbaby Composer in the next month or so, and I can’t wait!!!

  4. Yes, that is a happy thought! And the Lensbaby Composer is a happy thought, too! That’s the one I have and I love it!

  5. Mom

    Toni, I think the meat of an animal is removed before they are stuff and mounted. Not for sure, but think they just use the skin and/or bones. And of course, the horns. Salmons are a beautiful scene as the jump about in the water. Don’t remembers if you seen them when we lived at Redding or not. Think so.
    Love, Mom

  6. Yes, I remember the salmon ladders in Redding. I know they remove the meat when they mount them, but the meat at that point isn’t edible. That’s what I object to, since it goes to waste.

  7. Ha ha As always your words brought a smile to my face. You know, the whole stuffed animal thing really turns me off. Man as big hunter, animal head as trophy is not my thing at all. And stuffed whole animals, I find a little creepy. The big men with the guns who shoot tigers and lions, I think should every other turn have to go in and face the big cats bare handed. If they survived that round, I’d be more than impressed!

    That then leads me to fish, more specifically, fish on my plate. I have a rule that says I run a mile from anything that’s staring back at me from my dinner plate. Dead, skinned and headless I’ll contemplate, but soulless beady eyes..that’d be a big no! I’d be up all night with nightmares

    A salmon stuffed and mounted seems a bit odd. I’d rather have one of those Billy Bass singing fish, as at least they irritate the hell out of you or make you smile.

    Loved the mention of Wolves getting a reprieve as they have a special place in my heart as in the first nation beliefs of the wolfs status and spirit.

    A neat shot, by the way. I’ve finished now, and will get my coat…. Ha ha

  8. Paul, you crack me up. 😛

  9. this one is reaaly excellent of life ! well done!

  10. Wow its like you work in a hunting lodge Toni! Another amazing photo.

  11. it’s eerie and all the more so with your post and comments 😦

  12. Elizabeth

    it is eerie. and I am not huge on having fish stuffed and mounted either. Nothing, really, but fish seems particularly sad. My brothers’ room has a giant beautiful deer head in it and it makes me sad whenever I go into the room. I don’t know why – because they did enjoy the deer meat so it wasn’t wasted, but just seeing such a beautiful animal mounted for posterity on a wall seems wrong somehow. 😦

  13. BoB

    I don’t know why but I think that the salmon is not so glad as you are.

  14. I wasn’t expecting to be looked at:-) A fun capture & very good.