Buster is a kick in the pants.  Almost every waking moment will find Buster with one of four of these balls in his mouth.  If he could fit two in his mouth, he would be ecstatic.  And yes, we have to have four – one isn’t enough, because the boys keep losing them.  Buddy and Buster always want the same ball.  Doesn’t matter that all four are the exact same ball.   If the ball isn’t in Buster’s mouth, it isn’t  far away. 

Buster likes to think he is the alpha dog and tries to tell Buddy who is boss, but Buddy gently (mostly) lets him know he isn’t.  Buster is a sweetheart and loves to give puppy dog kisses.  He aims for your mouth and his aim is good.  Buster had his birthday sometime this month (don’t know the date) and he is one year old.  He’s a keeper.

PS  Did I mention he likes to chew?  Six pair of shoes?  And a checkbook?  And the bills?



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13 responses to “B-Boy

  1. Jack

    Very nice LensBaby shot.

  2. dianeschuller

    Since I love dogs so much, I got a kick out of your commentary on this. My son and daughter-in-law have a Boston Terrier (Mabel) and she is crazy for balls too.

    I’m going to have to send you an email to ask you about your Lens Baby. I’ve gone through the internal debate about getting one: one day I want one and then I convince myself I don’t want one ;~) …

    Have you seen my dog blog? I’m a dog writer and occasionally find time to make a rare post at Dogs Naturally in between everything else. Sorry to take up so much space.

  3. don

    Your fine action shot of Buster conveys a strong sense of motion and a a grab for the ball any second now. A fine image.

  4. Can I send some of my bills over to your house to Buster?

  5. Yuk dog kiss on the mouth. Looks like he is wanting to give you a kiss or throw the ball.

  6. ELK

    what a handsome boy ~if they chew up bills we do not have to pay right?!

  7. Ha I like the way he is looking at you wanting you to throw his ball!

  8. What a neat shot of Buster. I love that radial blur, and Buster expression. Quite a nostalgic feel for me.



  9. Elizabeth

    have you tried saying, “but my dog ate the bill” as an excuse? it worked for homework right! 🙂

    great shot of buster. he is a keeper.

  10. He doesn’t look like he minds the cold weather one bit:-)

  11. Oh…you really nailed it on this one. Love how you caught him in perfect focus..and all else a complete blurr. Excellent!

  12. I say let him have the bills and use the my dog ate it excuse.
    He looks very friendly.

  13. i can hear the laughter from here. i know they give you fits of giggles on a frequent if not daily schedule 🙂 dogs are the best of this world….except for babies 😉