It’s my carpet, but…


…the dogs think it’s grass.  Don’t ask.



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15 responses to “It’s my carpet, but…

  1. BoB

    Again, I love the dof.

  2. your corner blurs bring the best out of each photo!

  3. Those treats look pretty tastey… maybe I’ll brew a cup of tea:) DOF * bokkeh * color saturation = perfect.

  4. You’re dogs must know my dogs……….

  5. Looks like your all set up to curl up in front of the fire place.

  6. TOO FUNNY! Our dog sometimes makes that same assumption!!!

  7. Oh…and love the composition and blurr of the image!

  8. Elizabeth

    oh dear. love the DOF. Waiter Rant was good. I may have to look for the other one. But then again, I don’t want Atlas to get any ideas. 😉

  9. I like this, Toni. Every time I see a shot like this I ask myself why I don’t photograph some of my things. Then I take a drive and capture another abandoned structure…lol

  10. Oh mean…..righty-ho! Best get the dustpan and brush I tghink ha ha

    Lovely shot, toni, beautifully observed. I couldn’t take a shot like this because the layers of dust around my house woyld simply ruin the effect! A terrific post, as always

  11. Haha…you needn’t explain, I understand perfectly. Is your dog any relation to Marley?

  12. becareful you dont put your hand in the wrong cookie jar, while searching for the answers in the book.

  13. Really nice shot! I like the softness in the shot.

  14. Great shot there…looks like a zoom effect. So many doggie related things in this shot and I agree with Terry that it looks like you are ready to just relax and chill out there. 🙂