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Farm thingie, part…finished


Well, the bosses left the office for lunch yesterday – FINALLY, so I got my camera out and took a few shots of the whole contraption that is this farm tool.  There is a piece of wood missing from that top section – you can kind of see the groove where it would fit.  My guess is that you would load that top section with the corn, crank the wheel, which moves the bottom two pieces, causing it to sort the corn through the grates somehow.  I really need to see this thing in action with some actual corn, but that is not going to happen.



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Farm thingie, part four


This shot should give you a better idea of how the previous three images go together.  You know, this is the chain that goes around the wheel that…does something.

This was not taken with the Lensbaby, but it does have some pretty good depth of field, if I do say so myself.  Yay me!


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Farm thingie, part three


I didn’t get the focus quite where I wanted, but I think it works anyway.   This is another section of that same chain from yesterday that went around the wheel from the day before that.  It goes around this spool, and then another at the bottom, and somehow works it’s way back to the wheel again.  Since I haven’t cranked the handle on the wheel to see what actually happens, I can’t be certain of this, but the grate that you can see there is what sorts the chaf out of the corn, I believe.  But, since I’m sure not that this is a corn sorter, I could be wrong on all of that.


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Farm thingie, part two


This is the chain that goes on the wheel that goes on the farm thingie that may be a corn sorter. 



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I’m not positive of what this wheel is a part, but if memory serves it is a part on a corn sorter.  I think. 

This is one of the images taken at the office with the camera settings in monochrome, which Lightroom imported in color that I had to convert back to monochrome.  Did you follow all that?  Oh, good, I’m glad. 

Taken with the Lensbaby.  I’ll have a series of photos over the next few days of different bits of this…thingie.


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During this potato harvest I’ve had to drive around to the various potato storages to pick up scale tickets.  Yesterday morning I was treated to this sunrise during my drive.  For some reason the jets were out in full force, leaving trails in their wake.  Made for a more interesting shot, I think.


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Bored? What to do…

What do you do when you have to fill in at the scale house for a few hours and you are extremely bored?  You take photos of flies and bouquets of dead flowers.  That’s what you do, by golly.  I forgot to bring a book with yesterday morning when I left for work.  My co-worker asked me what I was going to do when I was waiting on trucks.  I said, “Take some pictures!”  She said, “Of what?  Flies?”  Of course!!  What better subject?  Bonus…dead flowers!!


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