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Kitty was lucky, she was hiding in the closet during the VP debates.  Actually, that’s where she pretty much stays thanks to Buddy’s constant harrassment.  And she was able to avoid listening to me yelling at the TV, unlike Buddy and Buster.  Poor guys didn’t know what to think.

Why is it so hard to say “nuclear”?  I don’t get it.  Palin’s originally from Idaho.  They talk normal in Idaho.  Again, I don’t get it.  She actually has some strange speach nuances. 

I must say that her aides prepped her really well for the debates, but I was still a bit ticked off that she chose to ignore answering some questions in order to speak about whatever topic suited her.  This was a debate and the purpose of the debate is to answer the questions posed of you.  She didn’t do that.  The VP debates more than likely won’t change whom people select come election time, but it made for some very interesting TV.

My apologies for the political rant.  Normal postings return tomorrow. (smile)



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Favorite things, part two

Brush strokes

This is a close up of an oil painting my son did as a Christmas present a couple of years ago — a still life of a pear.  I love the painting and love the brush strokes. 

He wasn’t quite done with it when he brought it for Christmas and he finished it while he was here.  We set it on a card table in a spare bedroom to dry and closed the door to keep the cat out.  Christmas came and went and he headed back home.  About an hour after he left I needed something from the bedroom and went in and out really quickly to get it, closing the door both ways to make sure the cat didn’t come in after me.  A few minutes later I put away whatever it was that I went in to get and found the cat.  Standing on top of the painting!!  Sneaky kitty.  She jumped down quickly, leaving a trail of little kitty paw prints all over the carpeting.  And in a panic about all the paw prints on the painting, I called my son and he turned around to come fix it.  He made a stop before leaving town and, thankfully, wasn’t too far down the road.  The painting is as good as new, the paint is out of the carpet, and kitty survived to see another day.


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Free Spirit

Free Spirit

Here’s my pal, Buddy.  I was telling a Buddy story to a friend the other day and he said Buddy sounds like a free spirit. He is indeed.  I had Buddy out in the backyard last weekend for a few hours to give Kitty a reprieve from her closet prison. She only ventured out as far as the bedroom door, then she’d turn and run for the sanctity of the closet. Poor Kitty. Buddy has her too scared to come out when he isn’t even in the house. While Buddy was out, I was sitting in my studio working on a glass project and I look out the window to see Buddy running by. In the front yard. Loose. So much for fences.

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