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Here we are as in olden days…


…happy golden days of yore.
Faithful friends who are dear to us
gather near to us once more.

I have no idea what this old building is – it is located about a half a block off of the main street in my small town.  It does remind me of the “olden days, happy golden days of yore”.  Maybe because it is kind of a golden color…maybe because it is boarded up…maybe a combination of both, I don’t know.  What it does reminds me of is an old train station, but it is a little too far from the tracks to be an old train depot.  On the end of the building is a kind of barn door, but not big enough for a typical barn door.  It’s a mystery.

This was taken yesterday with my Lensbaby.  I think I had the wide angle lens attached, but it could have been the telephoto.  I was switching back and forth when I was taking the pictures of this building.  There is a sweet spot with the Lensbaby – the area where the image is in focus.  Tilting the lens up, down or sideways changes the location of the sweet spot, and how much the lens is tilted also changes where the sweet spot is located.  Finding that sweet spot consistently is proving to be a challenge for me, probably because of my glasses.  That’s my excuse anyway.  I’m still having fun with it, regardless.  Today I have to go into the office, so I’m taking it with me.



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Blue Christmas


Taken on a busy Saturday night in my small home town.  Yep, the streets were alive with activity!  It was elbow to elbow on the sidewalks and people jostled for position.  Position for what, I don’t know.  The line at the movie theater wrapped around the block.  Twice!  The cars circled the block looking for a place to park, and in the process practically mowing down the pedestrians crossing the street.  The shops were enticing customers with hot apple cider and sales.  And sing-a-longs!

I definitely do not have the hang of night photography.  The image isn’t very good, but I kind of like it anyway.  I was hoping to get some decent shots of our town’s new Christmas decorations.  They finally retired the old ones, which were over 25 years old (or maybe even older) and looking pretty sad.  I do like the new snowflakes.  During the twenty minutes that I was out trying to get some shots I think there were maybe four or five cars that drove by.  Plus one pedestrian!!  Yep, that really is life in a small town.


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A boy and his mom

Out for a stroll on a beautiful Sunday afternoon.  Walking hand in hand with the sun at their back, their shadows are long as they head for their car.  Reminds me of a time twenty-some years ago when my oldest was that age and he wanted to hold my hand.  Today he is all grown up and he still holds hands, but no longer with me.  That is as it should be.

I am participating in a challenge at Springtree Road to post November photos in black and white – click here for more info.  This is my second black and white photo – yesterday’s was the first.  Again, I had to desaturate this in Photoshop, as I did yesterday’s photo.  I also spent a few hours yesterday playing with the black and white setting on my camera, which has to be utilized in “creative mode” with which I’m not really familiar.  I’ve taken a few photos in the b&w setting before, but not many.  If I can do the whole month this way, it will really force me to better learn my camera.  That was the whole point of this blog, so this will be a good thing.


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I was taking a stroll along the beach of Lake Coeur d’Alene yesterday and saw this row of beached sail boats, or maybe they are small catamarans.  In stark contrast to the busy beach early this summer, the beach was fairly empty yesterday.   There were just a few people out walking their dogs, which I thought a bit ironic what with the signs posted saying no dogs allowed and the dogs out numbering the people!

As you can see, there was lots of fall color.  You know what that means?  More fall leaves to be posted!  Yes!  I’ll try to interject other photos in between so you don’t feel like slitting your throats from boredom.


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Scootney Reservoir

This shot was taken on the way home from work.  The sun was too high in the sky (taken earlier this summer), so it isn’t a great shot.  Maybe when it gets closer to the time change I can stop and try again.

By the way, Helen Philpot, of Margaret and Helen, has posted again.  Worth a read – click here.


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The Slope

This is a continuation of the photos taken when we did the farm tour last week – taken from inside a pickup traveling about 60 mph.  I was not driving, just so you know.  The foreground is a bit blurred and that’s after cropping off the worst of it.  This area is the Royal Slope in eastern Washington.  The state has a lot of mountains, but the mountains in our area are treeless.  This line of mountains goes on for miles – roughly 40 of them from Othello to the Columbia River.


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Late night

It was a late night last night.  I went to see one of my sons who had been home this past weekend.  When he left, he left behind his cell phone charger.  Kids these days don’t have land lines and his cell phone was dead so he was without phone.  Dutiful mom that I am, I took his charger to him (since I forgot to mail it to him).  It was a good excuse to eat at the restraunt where he is executive chef.  His first official menu went into effect on Wednesday so I had to check it out.  Excellent!!  The place was packed so I sat at the bar.  Seated next to me was one of the regulars and we had a nice chat.  He had nice things to say about my son.  That’s always good to hear!  None of this has anything to do with straw.


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