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Farm thingie, part three


I didn’t get the focus quite where I wanted, but I think it works anyway.   This is another section of that same chain from yesterday that went around the wheel from the day before that.  It goes around this spool, and then another at the bottom, and somehow works it’s way back to the wheel again.  Since I haven’t cranked the handle on the wheel to see what actually happens, I can’t be certain of this, but the grate that you can see there is what sorts the chaf out of the corn, I believe.  But, since I’m sure not that this is a corn sorter, I could be wrong on all of that.



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Farm thingie, part two


This is the chain that goes on the wheel that goes on the farm thingie that may be a corn sorter. 



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I’m not positive of what this wheel is a part, but if memory serves it is a part on a corn sorter.  I think. 

This is one of the images taken at the office with the camera settings in monochrome, which Lightroom imported in color that I had to convert back to monochrome.  Did you follow all that?  Oh, good, I’m glad. 

Taken with the Lensbaby.  I’ll have a series of photos over the next few days of different bits of this…thingie.


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The weather outside is frightful…


…but the fire is so delightful.

This was taken at the same time last month when I got the other water drop image – you can see it here.  If that image was taken today, it would be a frozen drop of water.  The highs were in the teens yesterday (and this past weekend, too) and it is supposed to be colder yet today, with overnight lows in the negative numbers. 

I wish I did have a fireplace by which to warm my feet.


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A Baby Just Like You


Little G here is just adorable.  He spent the whole evening sleeping or eating so we didn’t get a look at his little peepers.  These little guys are life changing.  The world no longer revolves around you, but around them.   Sure, there are the feeding schedules and diaper changes and sleep schedules to think about, but there are bigger questions and worries.  What will they be like when they grow up?  Who will he look like ?  (They change so quickly, you know.)  Will he be a jock?  Or a geek?  Or a nerd?  (There’s nothing wrong with any of those, by the way.)   Will he find someone to love and grow old with?  Will he be happy? 

The future of the world rests in their hands.  We have the responsibility to give them the tools to do so.  Can we?  Will we screw it up?  With a wing and a prayer, and a few mistakes along the way, we do the best that we can.  And they grow up and become everything you’ve hoped for them to be.

 [Edit to add]  In case you are wondering, G is my co-workers newborn son and he attended our company Christmas party.  He’s not quite one month old yet.

If you are looking for the announcement of the contest winners, just go back one page and you’ll find it.


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And hearts will be glowing…


Soon schools will be out for Christmas break, college students will be traveling home, and children of all ages and sizes will be underfoot.  My boys are both adults, with adult responsibilities, and a girlfriend to split family time with, so we aren’t sure what is happening with Christmas this year.  One thing I do know is that it will work out, it always does.

If you have someone that you love that doesn’t need anything or doesn’t have room for anything, may I suggest a gift from World Vision – click here for the US site, or here for the Canadian site, or here for the international site to select your country.   If you find the Gift Catalog, there are some really cool gift options.  For $75USD you can buy a goat, which can provide income or nutrition through offspring or milk/cheese/yogurt.  You can even buy two or more, or even a partial goat, that will go to a family in countries like Haiti or Kenya.  For $25 you can buy two chickens which will also provide nutrition and income.  There are all sorts of options from water wells to education and all sorts of price ranges.  You can have a card sent to your recipient telling them of your gift or download a card to print yourself.  Pretty cool!

If World Vision doesn’t float your boat, there are a lot of worthy organizations out there.  Any suggestions as to where you like to donate?  A special surprise to some lucky visitor here (or two) who leaves a comment about your favorite organization.  One lucky winner will receive a desk calendar and the other will receive a set of four cards – two from Wayfaring Wanderer and two from me (I’m sharing the love from WW and Liss).  The winners will be announced on Saturday so I can send you your goodies before Christmas, hopefully in time for you to use the cards this year.


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Color is back!


It feels like color has been gone forever, but it wasn’t even a full month of black and white for me.  I had some color early in the month of November, but once the elections were over it was strictly black and white.  Or with a green tint.  Or sepia.  But definitely shot in monochrome.  

I really enjoyed November in black and white and am glad that I switched the setting over to monochrome for (most of) the month.  I learned a lot about my camera, but I still have lots more to learn. 

During the month I posted a fall foliage photo – click here to see it – and was whining about it not looking the same in black and white as it would have in color.  Elizabeth was curious to see a color version of the same shot, so I went out and retook the photo in color and, while it isn’t quite the same shot, I am in love with the color version.  I have been impatiently waiting for the month to end so I could post the image.  I couldn’t quite get the camera to focus on the spot that I wanted, but it is still interesting.  Yesterday I finally figured out how to shoot in manual mode.  Such an easy thing…I feel so silly.


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