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It’s my carpet, but…


…the dogs think it’s grass.  Don’t ask.



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Buster is a kick in the pants.  Almost every waking moment will find Buster with one of four of these balls in his mouth.  If he could fit two in his mouth, he would be ecstatic.  And yes, we have to have four – one isn’t enough, because the boys keep losing them.  Buddy and Buster always want the same ball.  Doesn’t matter that all four are the exact same ball.   If the ball isn’t in Buster’s mouth, it isn’t  far away. 

Buster likes to think he is the alpha dog and tries to tell Buddy who is boss, but Buddy gently (mostly) lets him know he isn’t.  Buster is a sweetheart and loves to give puppy dog kisses.  He aims for your mouth and his aim is good.  Buster had his birthday sometime this month (don’t know the date) and he is one year old.  He’s a keeper.

PS  Did I mention he likes to chew?  Six pair of shoes?  And a checkbook?  And the bills?


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My Buddy boy


I haven’t posted any photos of Buddy for a little while – what’s wrong with me?  I took this image with the Lensbaby on one of the first days after I received it.  I like the soft focus it gives to one of my favorite subjects.  Maybe I should use it for a self portrait – it would make me look younger!  Not.  The sweet spot could have been a little bit crisper, but I like it anyway.  The eyes are the windows to the soul and my Buddy has very expressive eyes.


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Puppy dog trails


The snow is quickly melting, further emphasizing the trails my dogs have left through the snow.  One of the balls that Buddy lost while playing catch has been recovered.  Another day or so and the other one should be recovered as well.  You would think a bright orange ball would be easy to find in the snow, but the snow was soft and powdery enough that the ball sank and the snow fell on top, covering it completely.

In some regards I’m happy that the snow is melting – Buster doesn’t like the snow and playing catch is limited to about five minutes, so he isn’t getting the exercise that he’s used to getting.  I like the snow, though, so I wouldn’t mind seeing it last a bit longer.  I need to get Buster some booties, maybe that would help.  Do they make booties for dogs??


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Frosty Freeze


Friday morning while I was waiting for my family to show up I went outside in the snow with my dogs to play catch and found a frosty world awaiting us.  After we were done playing catch (it only took Buster about five minutes and he wanted to go back inside and good old Buddy lost one of the balls in the snow) I got my camera and snapped a few shots. 

I’m still playing with the Lensbaby and having lots of fun with it.  While my son was here, I took my camera out to document him doing the dishes, but he is a very uncooperative subject – no photos.


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My happy thought

my happy thought

Graham at One Man’s Travels issues a monthly photography challenge and November’s challenge is “Happiness”.  Each photograph should represent something that makes you feel happy.  One of my happy thoughts are my two pups, Buddy and Buster.  Buddy is approaching three years old and Buster will soon be one.   I tried to get these two to sit down side by side.  Yeah, it wasn’t happening.

Buster and I had to take a trip to the vet yesterday.  Thanksgiving day both of his eyes were looking pretty red, but I just figured it was because we went to bed at 1:30 am the night before and got up at 6:00 am Thursday morning.  With company and another dog, there was lots of excitement for both dogs.  Friday he slept all day and didn’t want to play catch, which is highly unusal.  By the afternoon I noticed both of his eyes were rather goopy so off to the vet we went.  He has ulcerations in both eyes, probably from playing too hard with Buddy.  Home we came with four different meds and he seems to be feeling much better today.  We’ll have to go back to the vet on Monday for a glaucoma test and to see if there is improvement and healing.  I sure hope so.  It is amazing how much you worry about a furry companion, especially when they can’t tell you what is wrong.

All’s good with Buddy!!  Yay!

This is the final image for November in Black and White, a challenge issued by Maya at Springtree Road – click here for more info and more wonderful photos.  For those of you enjoying the black and white images, never fear, there will be more to come.


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Potential Christmas Card


I’ve been looking through my images trying to decide what I want to use for a Christmas card this year.  It will be the first year that I’ve not just bought a box of cards from Hallmark.  I’ve already got the card stock that you fold and insert your photo into – purchased and received quickly from Photographer’s Edge

I might take a few shots of my Christmas tree, but it will have to be taken while the tree is still in the closet.  The tree isn’t coming out until the day my boys come home for the holiday – Buster will eat it.  The last two years I was afraid Buddy might think it was a real tree (and you know what dogs do on real trees) so I didn’t set it out right away, but I think I’m okay with him this year.  I also thought I might take some night shots of Christmas lights once I set them up next weekend.  So we’ll see what happens in the next week or so.  Hopefully I’ll actually get the cards mailed before Christmas – usually it is after the holidays are over.  Yeah, I’m bad.

Another photo for Maya’s challenge at Springtree Road to post November photos in black and white – click here for more info and more fabulous photos.


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