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Rain Nor Snow

This work is by Roger V. Thomas, who is well known for his birch series.  I saw this at Gallery 114 in Portland’s Pearl District.  Check out more of his birch series here.


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Melanie Rowe’s work

Melanie Rowe’s piece, Phylly, is available for purchase at Gallery 114 in the Pearl District in Portland – just a few short blocks from the Bullseye Gallery.  Melanie is from Canada, as is her twin sister Leslie Rowe-Israelson.  I don’t really know Melanie (I’ve met her, though), but Les is very special.  Les is also a glass artist and her work is very different from her sister’s.

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Another Bullseye favorite

This is the work of Catharine Newell.  She does this imagery on glass with glass powder.  There is a video demonstration on YouTube that is worth checking out.

There is also a YouTube video posted on Steve Klein, whose work I posted a couple of days ago.  Check this one out, too, while you’re at it.


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April Surgent’s work

Also at the Bullseye Gallery in Portland is the work of April Surgent.  She does some amazing wheel engraved work in glass and she is SO young!

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No, it’s not mine

It’s the work of Steve Klein on exhibit at Bullseye Gallery in Portland.  See that little red dot in the corner?  I want one of those!!  In case you aren’t aware, that little red dot means this piece is sold.  I’ll post a few more photos over the next few days of work on exhibit at Bullseye Gallery.  If you’re in the Pearl District, it is definitely worth a stop.


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Hold the onion…


One all beef patty, special sauce, lettuce, cheese, tomato, bacon, on a sesame seed bun.  In glass.  Thirty-five pounds of glass.  The artist, John Miller at a demo in Portland.

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Detail of Cobi Cockburn piece

Cobi Cockburn detail

Another favorite artist of the Bullseye Gallery, in addition to Giles Bettison, is Cobi Cockburn.  Both artists happen to be from Australia, as well as Richard Whiteley – also represented by Bullseye Gallery.  Those Aussies have some fantastic artists.  Cobi does a lot of cold working on her pieces, with a lot of wheel engraving to create texture.  It is a lot of work, but it makes for a beautiful piece of art.

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